Brain Talks: 20 Foods to Boost Memory and Heal the Brain

While research into Alzheimer’s disease has failed to turn up any useful or working “cures”, we do know that the disease begins to develop a full 20 years before symptoms occur. As we approach middle-age, many things begin to slow down, as aches and pains appear. Worrying about our memory is the last thing we… Read More

Nutrition 101: The Upside Down Pyramid

The only difference between the soda and the bread, is the length of time it takes for those sugars to be processed by the body.  Because the bread contains fiber, the process of breaking down the molecules of sugar takes longer. But, in the end, the bread will break down into the same sugar molecules that are contained in the soda. Read More

Middle-Age Wisdom: Health Secrets from World’s Oldest Female Body Builder

Ernestine emphasizes the 3 “D’s”. She says if you’re “Determined, Dedicated and Disciplined” you cannot fail. Read More

Why You Should Be Taking A Ginger Shot Daily — Pure Green Juice and Smoothies

Have you heard of ginger shots? Ginger is a powerful little root that isn’t just for cooking! Follow the link below to find out the many health benefits to taking a “ginger shot” every morning. Curious about trying a ginger shot? Learn all about its benefits and why you should be taking one daily! Follow… Read More

Brain Talks: A Beginner’s Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease

Doing this research on Alzheimer’s disease for my thesis was a huge wakeup call. This disease is at epidemic proportions, but research suggests that it is almost 100% preventable. I hope to help people make the changes they need to prevent this awful, life destroying disease. Read More

The Wellness Mindset ~ Recipes: 10 Heart Healthy Fall Dinners – The Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen

Here is the latest post from my new blog, THE PURPLE ALMOND WELLNESS KITCHEN!  One of the first lessons I learned at Hawthorn was the benefits of eating locally grown, SEASONAL produce. It’s fresher and packed with more nutrients than produce shipped across the country.… Source: The Wellness Mindset ~ Recipes: 10 Heart Healthy Fall… Read More

11 Banned Ingredients In Other Countries That Are Still Allowed In The US

A must read article for everyone! Americans should put their foot down and fight the big money food lobby that puts money before the lives of the citizens of this country. Did you know certain ingredients are banned in other countries, but not in the US? Here are 11 banned ingredients Americans should stop eating.… Read More

The Insomnia Fix: How I cured my insomnia

Welcome to my new monthly series: The Insomnia Fix. I have quite a bit of experience with insomnia, having dealt with it earlier this year. If you suffer from insomnia or any form of sleep deprivation, I can totally sympathize. It all started when I was in school. I have always been a night owl.… Read More

Is Coconut Oil Damaging my Health?

This is a great article on coconut oil and the myths behind many arguments against its use. In LOVE coconuts and coconut oil! Have a look! Is Coconut Oil Damaging my Health? — Read on