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Busting the (Whole) Grain Myth – UC Davis Integrative Medicine

With the back and forth of grains, no grains, things can get a bit confusing. Many people are sensitive to grains, and should remove them from the diet. But, does that mean that everyone should stay away from grains? Personally, I do avoid grains,…

Just thought you should know…How to Prepare Amaranth + 15 Recipes

A couple of weeks ago, in my ULTIMATE GUIDE TO NUTRIENTS: PROTEIN article, I published the following list of plant foods that are complete acids, containing all 9 essential amino acids. Quinoa – 8.14 grams per cup Amaranth – 9.35 grams per cup Soybeans…

Health Benefits of Wild Yeast Sourdough Bread and How to Make it…with 4 Variations

A little while ago, I did a “Thank You” blog for reaching 500 likes by sharing a recipe for authentic Amish Friendship Bread. This bread is a type of sour dough bread, and the starter is shared to daughters on their wedding day or…

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