Middle-Age Memoirs : Cataracts and Fuch’s Corneal dystrophy

I have been told I may need a cornea transplant someday. Here’s my story, so far…

My vision took an extreme nose dive over the past 18 months. Since I got glasses at the age of 16, my vision has, more or less, been the same. (about -3.30 – 20/250 always correctable to 20/20) About 2 1/2 years ago, I noticed words and pictures just weren’t as clear as they should be. I went to my normal optometrist, who told me to get over it, I was just getting older and couldn’t expect to see clearly at my age (49 at the time). He actually said that and yelled at me, telling me I was middle age and couldn’t expect to see like I used to see. He was able to get me to 20/20, kind of, and I went on my way.

Throughout that next year, my vision deteriorated quite quickly. I could no longer drive at night, and watching television, specifically reading words on tv, was difficult. So, when it was time for my next eye exam, about 18 months ago, I went to a new optometrist. (I was obviously not going to see that other guy!) She explained that my vision had gone from -3.30 (about 20/250), and correctable to 20/20, to -5.70 (about 20/500) correctable only to 20/40, which is barely legal to drive. That’s also when I was first diagnosed with cataracts at the ripe old age of 50! She told me that when my vision couldn’t be corrected to 20/40, it would be time for surgery.

After my move to Colorado, I knew I would need a new prescription. My vision has deteriorated even further than 18 months ago and I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to pass the vision test to get a Colorado driver license. So, I found an ophthalmologist (eye doctor/surgeon) who told me my vision, WITH MY CURRENT PRESCRIPTION, was 20/100 in my left eye and 20/400 in my right eye and could only be corrected to 20/60. It is now time for cataract surgery, which is scheduled for December.

I saw 2 different eye doctors who both diagnosed me with Fuch’s Corneal Dystrophy. They explained that instead of being smooth, as it should be, my cornea looks like the surface of an orange peel. This isn’t something that can be corrected, at least not now. That’s what my doctors tell me anyway. On the bright side, this is a slow moving disease. They tell me in about 20 years, I may need a cornea transplant. In the meantime, my vision could slowly get worse. Many people are asymptomatic (no symptoms), Hopefully, that will be me. However, the last thing I want is a cornea transplant, even if it is 20 years away, so, I hope to change that through, you guessed it, nutrition.

Fuchs’  (fooks) corneal dystrophy is a hereditary eye disease with symptoms that often become noticeable after the age of 50. Ultimately, it causes loss in vision which can be treated with a cornea transplant.


“These two images show endothelial cells, the cells that make up the endothelium. The image on the left depicts a healthy endothelium where hexagonal cells are clearly outlined. The image on the right shows an eye with guttae, which would be diagnosed as Fuchs’ dystrophy.” ~ Cornea Research Foundation

I asked my doctors about nutrition, and, just like I expected, they say there’s nothing I can do. Nutrition can’t help. I beg to differ. All cells in the body are formed from the food we eat. I’m hoping my doctors are wrong and there is a cure through nutrition. Aside from getting my business up and running, researching Fuch’s Dystrophy and eye health is going to be my main focus. I began my research by purchasing several books on eye health and nutrition, along with cell apoptosis (cell death- death of cells on the cornea are the main cause of Fuch’s).

I will be keeping you up to date on my research and any eye health, healing or foods I come across. I will also make a Eye research reference page for anyone else who may be looking for information.

Closing thoughts

I knew I had bad eyes, but I had no idea just how bad. I look back on my bad diet and lifestyle when I was younger, such as my soda addiction, and wonder if I could have prevented it. My doctor assures me it was nothing I did…I am just unlucky. I do know that Fuch’s Dystrophy is genetic. With that said, I know, through my schooling, that just because you have a gene mutation for a specific disease doesn’t mean you are 100% guaranteed to get it. Gene mutations are usually triggered through lifestyle choices and my past lifestyle choices, weren’t always the best. I fear those choices, bad food and lack of exercise, may have caught up with me. If that’s the case, maybe good choices can cure it. We shall see.

Until next time…Namaste my friends


it’s all in a state of mind

I had planned on sharing a “memoir” since it’s the first blog post of the month, filled with stories of my vegetable fermenting and kefir making adventures. However, instead, I feel inspired to share a poem with all of you. It’s quite popular and you’ve probably heard it before. However, I feel it’s relevant and timely. I’ve always tried to go with my gut when posting on this site, something from which I’ve strayed lately. But, with the current state of affairs in the world, I felt the need to inspire all of you with a poem my eldest son received from a teacher in 2009.

The poem touches on the state of mind needed to be happy and successful versus the state of mind a person has when failing. Quite often, what we believe to occur, will occur. If we think we’ll fail, more than likely, we’ll find a way to fail. If we believe we’ll succeed, we’ll find a way. If we insist we are trapped, angry and lonely, due to the covid-19 lockdowns, we’ll find a way to be miserable. On the other hand, we could see this as a time to treasure family, expand our minds and fill our souls with love, information and triumph of the human spirit…


A poem by Walter D. Wintle

If you think you are beaten, you are,
If you think that you dare not, you don’t,
If you’d like to win, but you think you can’t,
It’s almost certain you won’t.
If you think you’ll lose, you’ve lost,
For out in the world you’ll find
Success begins with a fellow’s will—
It’s all in the state of mind.

For many a race is lost
ere even a step is run,
And many a coward falls
ere even his work’s begun,
Think big, and your deeds will grow;
Think small, and you’ll fall behind;
Think that you can, and you will—
It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are out-classed, you are;
You’ve got to think high to rise;
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You ever can win a prize,
Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man;
But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can.


Closing thoughts

We’re all growing tired of the lockdown. As things begin to open up around the world, I’d like to think we can look back at this as a time we treasured with the ones we love. How rare is it that we can spend so much time with our family? This has indeed been a difficult couple of months. However, let us be thankful we have a roof for shelter, clothes for warmth, a bed to lie our weary heads and food to fill our rumbling bellies. Let us pray for those who are not as fortunate.

Until next time…Namaste my friends


Middle-Age Memoirs: How to make a face mask in 30 seconds or less (with a filter)

Well what a month it’s been! Spending unending time with my better half and youngest son over the past couple of weeks has been fun. However, I think the phrase “be careful what you wish for” may be applicable here.

I’m the type of person who loves alone time. Normally, I’m alone all day (except for my dog Max of course). I write my blog alone….I do housework alone….I cook alone. I really enjoy being alone. I find it peaceful. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my sons like crazy, now that they are out of the house. I absolutely love spending time with my better half. Since the pandemic began, however, they are rarely out of sight or earshot. I find my precious alone time has completely disappeared and, quite frankly, I miss it. I’m sure most of you can relate. I find myself digging into my old habit of staying up late at night, just to find some peace, and revive some precious alone time.

Anyway…last week, the Governor of Virginia, issued a “stay-at-home” order, which ended up being an extension of the “suggestions” for staying home previously issued. He kept everything else the same. Thankfully, he didn’t take it to extremes, such as arresting people for leaving home, like states surrounding us have done.

On Friday of last week, the CDC issued new guidelines for wearing face masks in public. Here is a link to the CDC face mask FAQ for your information. So, I took to the internet to find the easiest way to make a face mask with little or no sewing required. I tried several before settling on my favorite. AND…once you have all the materials, it can be put together in under 30 seconds. My son timed me and it took me 24 seconds. I got the idea from the video below:

The video above used electrostatic hepa filter material for the face mask filter. I looked for this online. You can find it on Amazon, but don’t expect delivery until June. So I did a bit of research for alternatives. I found an article on smartfilters.com, called “What Are The Best Materials for Making DIY Masks?” The following list of material was tested by researchers at Cambridge University. Researchers tested each material against “0.02 micron Bacteriophage MS2 particles (5 times smaller than the coronavirus)” As you can see, vacuum cleaner bags were found to be effective 86% of the time. So we will be using this as our filter, in place of the hepa filter in the video. If you don’t have vacuum cleaner bags, my research indicates any “non-woven” fabric will help, but not as effectively.

One other thing I discovered…most videos recommended using hair bands. I DO NOT agree. I tried using these and found they didn’t stay on my ears. I prefer rubber bands. I found them to stay better and they were more comfortable.

Materials needed

  • 15 inch x 15 inch piece of cloth (really any size will work see video)
  • 8 inch x 4.5 inch rectangle cut from a vacuum bag (for the filter)
  • 2 rubber bands or hair bands


  • gather materials
  • lay filter (vacuum bag rectangle) in the middle of the 15 x 15 square fabric. NOTE: the filter IS NOT reusable. You’ll need a new filter with each use.
  • fold fabric in thirds. Start by folding the top down. Then fold the bottom up
  • put one band around each end
  • fold the ends toward the middle
  • tuck extra from one side into the folds from the other side. (see video)

Closing thoughts

Keep in mind, I am not a medical professional, nor an expert on medical face masks. Also, this isn’t a “form fitting” mask. It is, by no means, a replacement for a surgical mask or N95 mask. With that said, the CDC is suggesting the use of face masks and many states are beginning to require them in public. This mask is better than nothing, VERY easy to put together and more form fitting than simply a scarf. Plus it has a filter of sorts, so should provide a bit more protection.

As I said, I tried at least 4 different types, some with material, some with paper towels. There are many how-to videos on youtube. If you sew, THIS ONE would be great, as it has a pocket for a filter and is reusable. Anyway, I’m not much for sewing, so this was my solution.

I hope all of you are safe and healthy. GOD BLESS!

Until next time…Namaste my friends


Middle-Age Memoirs : Beautiful things happen…

Back when I first started this blog, roughly 3 years ago, I spent a good portion of my time posting inspirational articles. In fact, I had a “daily inspiration” post that was quite popular. I have gotten away from that. After my graduation, I’ve spent most of my time posting about brain health, stress, and areas of middle-age wellness, such as heart disease and menopause. I seem to have forgotten that inspiration is a huge aspect of social, spiritual and emotional wellness.

Don't let someone dim your light... | Whisper words of ...

So, today, I decided to post an inspirational video about keeping a distance from negative situations and people. This is a question that has become a huge aspect of my life recently. I won’t divulge specific details of this very personal part of my life. Needless to say, I recently made a decision that affected me in a very drastic and unexpected way.

Lessons Learned in LifeDon't let anyone dim your light ...

There has been some unspoken animosity between myself and certain people in my life. For many years we all pretended things were fine. But they weren’t fine. We all walked on egg shells around each other. This tension and negative energy caused me to devolve into a version of myself I didn’t know and hated. These anxious moments made me uncomfortable in my own skin and it had to stop.

Negative Energy Quotes. QuotesGram

I explained my thoughts and feelings to them through 2 different letters and left the door open for them. I am still hoping we can work things out. Currently, I am waiting for them to reply to my last letter I sent 6 months ago. So far they haven’t replied to me. Honestly, this was completely unexpected. I really thought we could work things out. Maybe we still can. I can only hope. So, only time will tell.

SILENCE is as good of an answer as words - Picture Quotes

This is my personal story and the reason I chose today’s video. The video below is an inspirational speech about releasing people from your life. It touches on “toxic people”. I don’t like that phrase at all. I don’t believe any person is “toxic”. Situations are toxic, NOT people. That is how this current situation is for me. In order to raise myself up, that toxic environment needs to change. That means fixing the relationship, which takes work from everyone involved. Everyone has to want it.

Despite the use of the phrase “toxic people”, this video is great. The video inspires you to take your focus off negative people or situations and focus on positive, life changing dreams and goals. Sometimes, to focus on the positive situations, you need to distance yourself from negative situations.

Here is the video:

“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.”

Closing thoughts

It is my hope that I can turn my negative situation into a positive situation. I’m hoping they can BECOME part of my dreams and goals, instead of watching from a distance.

I hope they know how much I love and miss having them in my life. I think of them everyday. I hope they know that my door is always open to them.

Until next time…Namaste my friends


Middle-Age Memoirs : Beachbody, a Smart Watch and a Schedule

Happy New Year everyone! This will be a brief post, as my son and I have a date to go see the new Star Wars movie. 

I hope you all had a good holiday season. Mine was wonderful and went much too fast. My better half took some well needed and much deserved vacation days, so it was nice to have him home for once.


As a nutrition nut, I have the food side of wellness down pat. However, I absolutely abhor exercise of any kind and have always struggled with the fitness side of wellness. So, at the end of December, my better half and I took Beachbody On Demand up on a free 14 day trial. I am currently doing two of their exercise plans: 3 week yoga retreat and 21 day fix. I have done both workouts everyday since January 1.

I really felt my age last week. After day one, I could barely walk, and my plantar fasciitis flared to the extreme. In fact, it hurt so much, I had to use my son’s cane from when he broke his leg a few years ago.

Needless to say, it was a rough beginning. But, I’m feeling much better now. My nutrition is back on track after some splurging during Christmas and my muscle aches and plantar fasciitis have subsided. I’ll keep you up to speed on how my fitness goes and if I stick with it this time.

A Smart Watch

I wanted to show all of you one of my Christmas gifts, which I am loving. It;s a Letscom Smart Watch with fitness and sleep tracker.

On Amazon, Fitbit runs anywhere from $75 to $150 depending on the version. This is a Letscom Smartwatch fitness tracker and costs $39.99. As you can see, it has lots of options: sport, sleep and heart rate tracking, timers, pedometer, smart phone connections, so you can receive texts and caller ID on the watch, music control and relaxation.

One of my favorite options is a sedentary alert, which makes the watch buzz if you sit for too long. You can set the alert from 15 to 180 minutes. I have mine set at 60 minutes, then get up and walk for 10 minutes when the alert sounds.

The battery is great! I charged it on Christmas Eve when I received it and didn’t have to charge it again until Jan. 3- 10 days!! As you can see in the first picture, Even though I changed it 2 days ago, the battery is still at 96%…Awesome!

A new schedule!

I’ll be passing on more info on this in the near future, I just wanted to let you know that I’m increasing my posts from 2 days per week to 4 days per week. Currently, I post on this site every Monday and I then I post on my RECIPE BLOG, every Thursday. I will be increasing the posts on each site to 2 days per week, for a total of 4 posts per week. I will post on this site on MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS. Then, I’ll post on my recipe blog on TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS. Stay tuned for more details on weekly themes.

Until next time…Namaste my friends


Middle-Age Memoirs : How I’m Battling Plantar Fasciitis through Diet and Exercise

Did you know that 1 million people will visit their doctor this year because of plantar fasciitis? Did  you know the cost of treating plantar fasciitis is $284 million annually? Did you also know that 10% of the population will experience plantar fasciitis at some point in their lives? I am currently one of those people and I can assure you, it is a very painful problem.

Physiotherapy, Foot Massage, Massage

What is Plantar Fasciitis?


Photo source

Plantar fasciitis is a condition affecting the connective tissue which supports the arch of the foot, resulting in pain in the heal as well as the bottom of the foot. The most painful time is day is known as “first step pain”,  or “morning pain”, in which pain is most severe with the first steps of the day or following a long periods of sitting or rest.

Quick facts about  your feet and plantar fasciitis (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)

  • The Plantar Fascia is one of the largest ligaments in the body.
  • The human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and tendons, which means there are 52 bones in the human feet, which make up about 25 percent of all the bones in the body.
  • Middle age individuals between 40-60 years of age are most likely to be afflicted by plantar fasciitis.
  • The feet absorb the weight equal to a fully loaded cement truck on an average day.
  • The average amount of stress that is put on your feet for every mile walked is approximately 60 tons.
  • Women are more likely to have plantar fasciitis than men.
  • 20% of individuals afflicted with plantar fasciitis have high arches
  • On the flip side, 25% of people with plantar fasciitis have flat feet.
  • 50% of individuals with plantar fasciitis also have heel spurs
  • Runners are more likely to have plantar fasciitis
  • Celebrities are among those afflicted by plantar fasciitis including:
    • Paris Hilton
    • Angelina Jolie
    • Peyton Manning
    • Shaquille O’Neal

It VERY painful!

The pain is quite severe. I know of people, through research and discussion on forums, that get steroid shots to help ease the pain. As I stated above, “first step” is AWFUL! It’s hard enough dragging myself out of bed in the morning. (I’m NOT a morning person) But, “first step” makes it even harder. Let me see if I can explain it to you…

You know how your feet feel after spending all day on your feet, right? All you want to do is sit down, take your shoes off and massage or soak them in some hot water. Well, plantar fasciitis pain, or “first step” pain is something like that, only multiplied by a factor of 10. Sometimes the pain is spread out over the whole foot and sometimes just the heal. When it’s just the heal, if feels like someone is stabbing your heal with a knife with every step you take.


Gradually, it gets a bit better the more you walk on it. However, it never goes away completely. I am currently using the inserts pictured above, which are a tremendous help. Further research indicates other inserts work even better, although they cost quite a bit more money. I don’t plan on having this problem for very long, so I don’t want to invest too much money into it.

Dietary interventions

We know that most inflammation in the body can be dealt with through dietary changes. We have currently switched to a paleo diet in my home. A paleo diet means no grains or dairy and limited amounts of whole, all natural, unprocessed sugars such as raw honey, raw coconut sugar, 100% pure maple syrup and sucanat. (raw, whole dehydrated sugar cane). Along with that, we include large amounts of a rainbow of fruit and vegetables as well as nuts, seeds, pastured eggs/poultry, wild fish and grass fed beef.  We have eliminated anything processed, refined or unnatural, including my favorite zero calorie sweetener, swerve. 😥


In addition to dietary changes I mentioned above, I am adding some connective tissue building supplements including

I’ve added these to my usual, whole food supplements I take daily. Ligaments are made mostly of collagen, so these supplements should help heal and rebuild the torn and weak ligaments in my feet.

Diet alone isn’t enough –

It’s not enough to eat a healthy diet. One common cause of plantar fasciitis is weak  and un-stretched feet (tendons, ligaments and muscles). To strengthen and stretch the feet, we must exercise them. Here’s an example of 3 exercises:

Closing thoughts

Until now, I’ve been dealing with my pain through the use of nsaids and tylenol. This is not a long term solution and doesn’t work all that well. It is my hope that the above changes to my daily routine will help relieve the pain and cure my plantar fasciitis. I’ll let you all know.

Until next time…Namaste my friends



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Middle-Age Memoirs : Giving up gluten…again (and my new blog schedule.)

For ten years, I was gluten free. I was never sure exactly why I couldn’t eat gluten. All I knew was it didn’t agree with me. And, despite giving up gluten, and all grains, (and even going keto) I continued to have regular chronic sinus headaches.

9 Signs You Have a Leaky Gut - Amy Myers MD

In school, I studied the digestive system at length, and learned about intestinal permeability or leaky gut. Many of the symptoms I had led me to the conclusion that I did indeed have leaky gut.

So, I went on a venture to heal my gut earlier this year. I ate fermented foods, including my own homemade kefir and sauerkraut. I took a therapeutic dose of probiotics. I took l-glutamine to rebuild the lining of my gut. After several months, my sinus headaches disappeared. So, I decided, after 10 years without gluten, to try eating bread again!

Sour Dough Bread, Crust, Texture, Baked, Food

One day in April of this year, I made a loaf of homemade sourdough bread and gave it a try. I thought this would be the safest thing to eat, since this is a fermented bread. I had a couple of pieces and waited a few days. Now, in the past, I would have broke out in an intense itchy feeling all over my body, developed psoriatic style rash, canker sores in my mouth, very intense joint pain and painful sinus headaches. However, to my pleasant surprise, none of that happened.

So, I cautiously continued to add a bit more gluten containing grains to my diet and things continued to go fine for 6 months …until last week. I have daily sinus headaches again. I am currently developing a canker sore. AND, my joint pain is back…with a vengeance. I mean it’s bad, to the point where it’s difficult to walk sometimes.

Research Archives - The Gluten-Free Agency

I knew going in that gluten can contribute to leaky gut. I guess I was just hoping that once I healed my gut, it would stay healed. This was probably a bit naive. So, as of yesterday, I am once again gluten-free, for good this time. I’m also back on my gut healing nutrition plan. I’ll keep you posted on my results.

My new schedule

Since coming back from my 2 month leave, my blogging has been a bit erratic. I really don’t like that, so I’ve developed a new schedule for both my blogs. I will be posting one blog per week on each of my 2 sites.

Purple Almond Wellness posts will be EVERY TUESDAY.

  • 1st Tuesday – Middle-age memoirs – my personal journal
  • 2nd Tuesday – Walk to wellness – tips for the 6 aspects of wellness
  • 3rd Tuesday – Brain talks/Insomnia Fix – I will alternate between tips for brain health and tips for insomnia
  • 4th Tuesday – Middle-age wisdom – health and wellness tips for those middle-age maladies

Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen posts will be EVERY THURSDAY.

  • 1st Thursday – Cooking for 2 – recipes designed for those empty nesters. This will alternate with my PIONEER RECIPES series.
  • 2nd Thursday – Wellness based recipes
  • 3rd Thursday – Brain health/insomnia recipes
  • 4th Thursday – Anti-aging recipes/middle age maladies

Closing thoughts

Well, there you have it…my adventures with gluten and my new schedule. If there’s an aspect of wellness, brain health or middle-age health you’d like to see discussed, just drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Until next time…Namaste my friends


Middle-Age Memoirs : My magazine article in First for Women

Yes, you read that right! I am featured in the latest edition (September 16, 2019) of First for Women. The article, on pages 32-33, is called: “Yoga cured my insomnia” It looks like this:


The author of the article, Alyssa Sybertz, contacted me earlier this year after reading my blog post about healing my insomnia. She asked if I’d be willing to talk with her about the article and how I used yin yoga to improve my sleep. We agreed on a time to speak and she interviewed me over the phone.

I thought I would just be a blurb in an article about yin yoga. However, as it turns out, I would be the feature of the article. During the interview, she asked if I’d be willing to have my picture taken by a professional photographer to include in the article. I hesitantly said yes, not thinking anything would come of it anyway, since she told me the article still had to be approved by the editors at First.

A couple of months went by without word from Alyssa. I had given up hope of the article being approved. Then one day I received an email from Alyssa letting me know that the article had been approved. She said the people at First would be in touch with me to set up a date to have my photo taken, after they could arrange a photographer, as well as a professional hair/make-up person.

In June, the date was scheduled. The magazine’s photography editor emailed me with specifications on what to wear, wanting to see photos of me in different outfits. After going back and forth a few times, 2 different outfits were finally agreed upon.

The photographer and professional make-up and hair artist came to my home. After I was sufficiently made up, I got into one of the outfits. The entire photography session took a couple of hours. We took photos in several different areas of my home and in both outfits. It’s so exciting and was a lot of fun. The photography session was quite hard work, and very tiring, much more than I expected.

If you have a chance, and happen to see the magazine in the store, go ahead and take a look. Tell me what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Since the article is still on the shelves, I can’t yet publish photos from the photography session. Look for that next month!

Closing thoughts

I know my articles have been a bit chaotic. Over the next week, I’ll be working on developing a new blogging schedule, which will be posted on Thursday, September 12, 2019. At that same time, I’ll publish my schedule for my new blog, The Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen.

Until next time…Namaste my friends


Middle-Age Memoirs : I’m back AND I’ve officially graduated!

Hello all! I’m back from a 6 week break, during which I redesigned my  website, and added a second site, which I’ll discuss in a minute.

downloadI’ve had a very busy summer! At the beginning of June, my youngest son graduated from high school. After that, I wrote my thesis, which was EXTREMELY stressful! It was approved and, on July 16, I officially graduated, summa cum laude, from Hawthorn University with a Master of Science degree in health and nutrition education, in addition to my undergraduate double major in elementary and special education. I love teaching, what can I say! Since my graduation in July, I’ve been redesigning my website, organizing my home, which is desperately needed, and getting my son ready to move to college.

That’s happening this week. I’m taking him to move into his dorm and begin a new chapter of his life, which means a new chapter for myself and my better half. We will officially be “empty nesters”. Just the two of us…and Max, our dog! (That’s him!)


So, let’s talk about my redesigned site. Instead of the broad focus of my previous blog, this new site is oriented more toward my future business as a wellness educator. I’ve decided to focus on brain health, and whole body wellness for middle age individuals. That said, my advice will help anyone of any age. This site will focus strictly on brain health, as well as the 6 areas of whole body wellness.  Because I’ve been helping my son prepare for college, I haven’t sat down to organize a weekly schedule. I’ll be doing that next week and let you know in future posts.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 4.39.13 PM
The Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen

Follow my new site HERE

Cooking is a great passion of mine and I love to post recipes. Because this website has a narrow focus, I decided to start a brand new site called THE PURPLE ALMOND WELLNESS KITCHEN, which you can find HERE. The kitchen will be just what it sounds, good old fashioned, whole food recipes, and food tips, some will be mine, some will be from other sites. Until it’s up and running, with a steady stream of followers, I’ll be reposting the kitchen recipes on this blog as well. As I said, the Kitchen is a brand new blog, which currently has no followers. If you like healthy recipes, I encourage you to head over there and click the follow button on the blog page HERE. I’ll be posting the first article later today.

Closing thoughts

So that’s it from me today. I just wanted to write a quick post to showcase my redesigned site, introduce my new Kitchen website, and  let you know I’m back.

Please head over to THE KITCHEN, and click that FOLLOW button!

Until next time…Namaste my friends


Middle-Age Memoirs : I turned in my thesis rough draft this week!

Hello all!

I wanted to start off by apologizing for missing my post last week, but I had a good reason…I WAS WRITING MY THESIS!Accomplishment Quotes | TheGoldenQuotes.Com

I’ve spent some late nights over the past month, but the rough draft is written and in the hands of my thesis adviser. It’s roughly 50 pages long not including a 65 slide power point presentation and 5 brochures. My topic? The connection between melatonin deficiency and Alzheimer’s disease. Before this, I had no idea what a powerful hormone melatonin was or how important. I’ll be writing more on it in the future. But be prepared to be amazed.

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The stress of writing my thesis must have been too much for me. I’m currently suffering from some type of infection which has caused my ears to clog. This resulted in a partial, but temporary loss of hearing. (At least I hope it’s temporary.) I’m taking garlic and turmeric in an attempt to get rid of it on my own. If it doesn’t go away by Friday, I’m going to head to the Doc. I’m really feeling pretty awful right now. But seeing the light at the end of the university tunnel is keeping me going.

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Now that my time is coming to an end in school, it’s time to transition my websites into business sites. So, with that in mind, I wanted to let you all know that this will be my last blog post until August 19. On Monday, July 8, I’ll be shutting this blog down to the public, while I begin the redesign process. 

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AUGUST 19, 2019




Until next time…Namaste my friends