Easy DIY Stress Relief Tea | Home Herb School | Get Recipe

I found a link to this recipe in my email this morning and had to share. It’s perfect for these dark times in which we find ourselves.

During times of uncertainty and overwhelm, the best support comes from an easy DIY stress relief tea. It is simple to make and calms stressed-out nerves.

For the main recipe follow this link: Easy DIY Stress Relief Tea | Home Herb School | Get Recipe

Matcha Green Tea… Avocado Matcha Muffins (vegan/paleo/GF)

When I saw this muffin, with both AVOCADO and MATCHA as ingredients, I knew I had to share it with you. This muffin packs a punch when it comes to nutrients. The avocado throws in healthy fat and fiber, while the matcha kicks in TONS of nutrients and anti-oxidants. You really can’t go wrong with this one!

Check out this easy, healthy, blender muffin recipe that’s vegan AND paleo!


Until next time…Namaste my friends!


Matcha Green Tea… 3 Ingredient Matcha Ice Cream (No Machine!)

As we continue talking about all things Matcha this week, I’m diverting from the traditional use as a tea, and into the world of cooking with Matcha. Now, this isn’t something I’ve done myself, but REALLY want to try. We’ll start with something simple!

Today’s video below, is a super easy Matcha ice cream recipe, requiring NO MACHINE! ENJOY!






Until next time…Namaste my friends!


Matcha Green Tea… Turmeric & Matcha Smoothie

I must have spent an hour looking for the right smoothie recipe. They are all very similar, but this one stood out for one reason – TURMERIC! Turmeric is an amazing spice with so many wonderful health benefits. Combine it with Matcha and WOW! What a powerful combination!

Turmeric | Turmeric | Pinterest

The video below highlights a turmeric and Matcha smoothie. You can’t go wrong with this winning combination.


Until next time…Namaste my friends!


Matcha Green Tea… Matcha Latte – Hot or Iced

Drinking a cup of Matcha every day is wonderful, but sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a bit. I made a hot Matcha Latte one day, and was HOOKED! SO GOOD!

Below are two videos – the first is for a hot Matcha Latte. The second is for an iced Matcha Latte.



Until next time…Namaste my friends!


Matcha Green Tea…Traditional Preparation Method (and three alternatives)

This week, I’m focusing on Matcha tea preparation and recipes. For more information on the incredible health benefits of matcha tea, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

I drink Matcha tea on a regular basis, so I decided to splurge and purchase traditional tools used in Japan to prepare this beautiful tea. (see below). Strictly speaking, they aren’t necessary to make a good cup of Matcha. However, I’ve made it with just a spoon, and the traditional way is much easier.

If you’ve ever had Matcha tea, you’ll know it comes in a powder form, but doesn’t easily dissolve into water like other powders. That’s because it’s not actually a powder, but very finely ground tea leaves. That’s why the traditional method works so much better. The scoop is the perfect measuring spoon for the powder, while the whisk blends the powdered leaves into the water beautifully. The other little wooden spoon is used to stir the tea as you drink it, and the powdered leaves settle to the bottom.

If you’re interested in purchasing these traditional tools, you can find them on AMAZON.


Below, you’ll find a short video showing the

traditional method

or preparing the tea and how to use the traditional Japanese tools.

If you’d like to drink the Matcha, but don’t want to bother with the tea sets and whisk, here’s a video with

2 alternatives!

Here’s one other method…

using a chopstick, bowl and spoon.

Until next time…Namaste my friends!