In Memory of a Friend…

I  repost this article on or around St. Patricks day every year, the anniversary of my best friend’s death.Twenty-seven years ago, on March 17, 1992, St. Patricks day, my best friend, Roberta Ann Pfeiffer, her fiance Robert and their 2 dogs were killed by a drunk driver. Read More

4 Keys To Overcoming Negative Thinking For Good – Melli O’Brien


In Memory of a Friend…

Since today is Halloween, many of you may be planning on going to a party. I’m here to remind you to have a plan for getting home, if you drink any alcohol. THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK! This is a repost of a Daily Inspiration I posted in January of 2017.  I try to repost it… Read More

Daily Inspiration: How to become your own best friend

IT’S FEEL GOOD FRIDAY! Today’s daily inspiration is devoted to helping you feel good about yourself. The video below is of a radio broadcast in which someone calls in and asks the question we all ask ourselves at one time or another…”How do I love myself?” You’ll have to watch the video for the answer.… Read More