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As children, we always look forward to the lazy, hazy days of summer. For me, it meant bike riding with my best friend, swimming, sleeping late, and relaxing. However, as adults, we don’t often have that same luxury. Summer is often seen as a relaxing time, but it rarely works out that way.

As a stay at home Mom, summers were always one of the most stressful times of year. The quiet I enjoyed during the year, disappeared when summertime hit. While I absolutely LOVE and adore being around my kids, there is a certain amount of stress, when they are home, all day, every day, running, being loud, often fighting, asking questions, etc. There’s also the pressure to keep them busy. This is also the “family vacation” time of year, which is, itself a lesson in stress.

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According to an article by Health Central, approximately 1/3 of Americans find summer to be a stressful time of year. (I guess I’m not alone.) The article states that most people get less sleep in the summer, adding to the stress of the season. An increase in social engagements and activity is listed as the main reason for a lack of sleep. Vacation planning and caring for children were listed as other reasons.

How, then, do we deal with summer stress? Here are some of the tips, according to Health Central, and professional life coach Dr. Jaime Kulaga.

  1. Keep priorities straight. Many people, especially women take on extra tasks in the summer. Other than caring for your children, don’t take on extra duties and learn to say no.
  2. Stay active. Spend time outdoors, enjoying the wonderful summer weather.
  3. Take care of your bodyTry to get enough sleep, if possible. Eat a healthy and light whole food diet and drink plenty of water.
  4. Stay present in the moment People leading busy lives tend to worry about future events. These events are out of your current control. Stay focused on the task at hand. Learn mindfulness techniques.
  5. Focus on you and your familyTurn off ALL electronic devices and spend quality time with your loved ones. Dr. Kulaga says that being constantly “connected” causes us to worry about everyone else. Disconnecting helps us focus on the present and our loved ones.
  6. Take time to do activities you enjoyMake sure to take time to take care of yourself. Take some time, every day, by yourself. Relax, meditate, do yoga, do anything that helps you relax and enjoy your time alone.

To help you relax, especially with the last tip, I have gathered a few summer guided meditation videos. Whether you use these, or find your own way unwind, take some time to enjoy yourself, and have a wonderful and relaxing summer.

Until next time…Namaste my friends.


Guided Meditations:

Let in the Summer Light

The Summer Meadow

Summer Solstice

For the main article, follow the link below

Source: Tips for Managing Summer Stress – Anxiety | HealthCentral

An Archive of Meditations – The Purple Almond Year in Review

Since it’s a federal holiday here in the USA, I decided to take the day off from both blogging and school. I still wanted to posts something, so it’s a repost day here at The Purple Almond.

Here is a repost of my Meditation Monday year end review from December. I couldn’t decide which article to repost today, so I decided to post this one, which posts all of them, up until December. Do you have a favorite? For me, it’s the grounding meditations as well as the walking and EFT tapping.


I began my Meditation Monday blog series on December 19, 2016. One year on, I have covered the gambit of meditation and relaxation techniques. I began with Yoga, and have included everything from Qi Gong to chair yoga and candle gazing to stone stacking. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, or hate to exercise (like me!) there’s something for everyone.

Many of you may wonder why I focus so heavily on meditation and motivation, despite being a nutrition site. As someone who is studying holistic nutrition, I learned early on that food is only part of the equation when it comes to complete, whole body health. A body under constant stress is an unhealthy body, even if you eat in a super healthy way. Yes, all of that healthy food does help, but the stress still takes a toll on you. That’s why I include so many meditation and motivational posts on my blog.

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In fact, I feel that dealing with stress is so important, my very first blog post, from over a year ago, was devoted to dealing with anger:

Do You Hold Onto Your Anger?

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Here are just a few physical effects stress has on your body:

  • Acne and other skin problems
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • High cholesterol
  • Increased risk for a heart attack
  • Lower bone
  • Joint pain
  • Acid reflux
  • Diabetes
  • Irritable bowel
  • Lower sex drive
  • Comprised immune system

So below is a list of 23 of my Meditation Monday posts from this past year, beginning with my first YOGA post, from December 19, 2016. I hope you can find something on this list to help you relieve stress over this holiday season, and through out the new year.

The Benefits of Yoga with 30 Minute Restorative Yoga and Meditation video



Letting Go Of Yesterday Guided Meditation


Qi Gong –

7 minutes of Magic for Health


Guide to walking Meditation


Simple Meditation led by Jeffrey Zlotnik – Founder of The Meditation Initiative


Meditation for Beginners:

The Ultimate Guide 


The Butterfly – Kids Meditation


40 Ways to Relax

in 5 Minutes or Less


6 Guided Meditation Videos

for Anxiety and Fear


A Mindful Eating Meditation

to Manage Food Cravings

autumn-moments (1).png

Stone Stacking


Grounding Meditation (AKA: Earthing) with Free Guidebook


Tapping-The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


EFT Tapping for Self-Love


Candle Gazing


Deepak Chopra’s Top 8 Meditation Tips


Partner Yoga for Relaxation


Guided Imagery


Foot Soaking Meditation


Yoga for Mental Health


20-Minute HIIT Yoga Flow for Stress


Chair Yoga


A Quick Guide to Yin Yoga


30 Second Videos- Neck & Shoulder Relief

Everyone gets a stiff neck and shoulders every now and then, especially with the high amount of stress we all face on a daily basis.

Here is a quick tip to help relieve that tension in your neck and shoulders.

God bless! Namaste!

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30 Second Videos: Qi Gong for Stress Relief

Here is a short video which demonstrates a simple Qi Gong move to help relieve stress.

And, I mean, come on, let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a bit of stress relief these days?


Meditation Monday: Chair Yoga

The benefits of yoga are many and well known. But, when you think of yoga, you most likely think of someone in workout clothes, standing or lying on a yoga mat, doing different poses of varying difficulty.

I personally LOVE yoga, but often have difficulty finding time to work it into my busy schedule. I’m sure you can relate. So, when I discovered chair yoga, while researching this article, I was excited. Now, when I’m studying, I can take a 10 or 15 minutes break and do one of the following routines.

Chair yoga is a perfect way to relieve stress…at the office….at home…in a hotel room…while traveling…anywhere you have a chair!

If you’re a beginner and not familiar with yoga,  chair yoga would be a great place to begin. It’s also great for senior citizens, obese individuals, and people with neurological problems or other injuries who may want to stay active.


For complete workout click here!


Why yoga? Here are some benefits…(5) (4) (1)

  1. Improved strength
  2. Improved flexibility
  3. Improved posture
  4. Improved bone health
  5. Increased blood flow
  6. Reduced stress
  7. Improved mental clarity
  8. Pain management
  9. Increased muscle strength and tone
  10. Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  11. Maintaining a balanced metabolism
  12. Weight reduction
  13. Cardio and circulatory health
  14. Improved athletic performance
  15. Protection from injury
  16. Drains lymphs and improved immunity
  17. Lower blood pressure
  18. Regulates adrenals
  19. Lowers blood pressure
  20. Makes you happy


grab a partner…

pick a routine…

let’s do some yoga!

Here are 4 different routines, ranging in length from 10 to 20 minutes.


12 Minute Chair Yoga

for Travel and the Office

10 Minute Chair Yoga

for the Office

Chair Yoga

for Seniors

Yoga at your desk

– Chair Yoga




Let us stop for a moment to pray and meditate.

Meditation Monday: Foot Soaking Meditation

Imagine coming home from a long, very stressful day at work, sitting down and in 15 minutes, your stress, anger, frustration and negative energy from the day is gone.

I recently discovered a foot soaking meditation technique, designed to draw stress and negative energy out of the body, through the feet. It is said to be one of the most powerful and helpful meditation techniques you can do to relax and rid the body of negative energy.

This method is a Sahaja Yoga technique. Sahaja Yoga is a form of meditation developed by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970 as a way to bring about evolution through human awareness. According to the Sahaja Yoga website:

“Global unity of mankind can be achieved through this awakening that can occur within each human being, so that transformation takes place within us. By this process a person becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced. “

The Sahaja Yoga foot soaking technique is quite simple. Simply run enough warm water in a bowl or bucket large enough to hold your feet. Mix in a handful of salt. (I prefer Himalayan Salt).  The salt is added to represent the Earth element. It cleanses and draws impurities from the body. Put your feet in the bucket, then, relax and meditate as usual, letting the stress and negative energy slip away.


Upon completion of the foot soaking session, throw the water down the toilet and wash out the bucket. It is recommended that this bucket only be used for your foot soaking sessions

The Foot Soaking Technique – Cool Check

To aid your relaxation efforts, I have included four 10 to 15 minute guided meditation for relaxation. Enjoy!

The River – Delilah Helton

A Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation – Debra Hardy

Guided meditation for relaxation – Body Scan

Guided meditation Deep Relaxation – Great Meditation

God Bless! Namaste! 

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Meditation Monday: Tapping-The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

We all have stress and fear. It’s part of the human experience. Some people handle it well or, if you’re like me, you can be a basket case sometimes. Everyone tells you to just “let it go” or “stop worrying”. Well, it’s easier said then done. What if I told you, there was a technique that can calm your anxieties and help you to “let it go” in a matter minutes? Enter EFT TAPPING

What is Tapping? Tapping, is also known as the EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE or EFT. At a basic level, it combines modern day psychology and ancient Chinese medicine. During the EFT tapping technique, you focus on a negative aspect of your life, say anxiety about losing weight, and tap on 10 different meridian points on your body, while speaking a phrase related to your anxiety, to help alleviate stress.

These meridian points are based on 100 meridian points throughout the body, used in Chinese acupuncture and acupressure. These are the same energy points, which have been used for over 5000 years to heal physical and emotional disease.

Here is a quote from the website

” Like acupuncture and acupressure, Tapping is a set of techniques which utilize the body’s energy meridian points. You can stimulate these meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips – literally tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power. … Tapping provides relief from chronic pain, emotional problems, disorders, addictions, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, and physical diseases.”

How does this work? (AND IT DOES WORK!!) When we have pain, either physical or emotional, it disrupts the energy meridians (AKA: Ch’i) in our body (remember, the body is made up of energy, just like everything else in the universe.) By maintaining focus on a specific negative issue, (for example, our anxiety about weight), and tapping on 10 specific energy meridians, you return the body’s energy meridians back a balanced state.

Here is a basic HOW TO video, which shows the 10 points and the basic “formula”

Here is a short, guided EFT Tapping Meditation to get you started.

 I bet you’ve already been tapping while you read. 🙂 If not, go on, give it a try? I know you’re dying to find out if this works. What have you got to lose?

If you’d like to learn more about EFT Tapping, follow any of the source links below. Also, there is a movie called THE TAPPING SOLUTION. (I was unable to find it online-DVD can be purchased at the link, or Amazon ) Here is the trailer:



Meditation Monday: Stone Stacking

Stone stacking, or Cairn building has been around since the dawn of time. This short, 30 second video tells what they are and the significance of the cairn.

Continue reading “Meditation Monday: Stone Stacking”

Meditation Monday: 40 Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes or Less

There is a lot of tension, anger, resentment and stress everywhere in our world. Stress and anger definitely take a mental toll on our body, but, it takes a physical toll as well. Take a look at this infographic, which I posted in a previous post a few months ago, from


Stress throws your body into survival mode. Your body doesn’t know the difference between work stress and a lion chasing you. Stress physically affects every part of our body, including immune system and digestive system function. Under stress, your body shuts down, among other things, immune function and digestive function and pumps blood to the muscles and heart. (Because we need speed and strength to run from the lion. 🙂 )

We need to find ways to relax, but in our busy lives, relaxation is seen as a luxury. So, here are 40 ways to relax in five minutes or less, from

We get it—life is stressful. Calm down in the time it takes to scroll through your Instagram feed.

Source: How to Relax: 40 Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes or Less | Greatist

Meditation Monday: NEW YOU – Letting Go Of Yesterday Guided Meditation


On this Meditation Monday, as the year comes to a close, it’s important that we let go of the problems and stress of the past year. For more information on the benefits of meditation and 4 other meditation videos, check out my Meditation page.

Here is a meditation designed to help you let go, titled “Letting go of yesterday.”