The Red Tea Detox Diaries – The Top 5 Products I Use During My Detox

Hello everyone!

As I begin day 15 on my detox, my weight loss has slowed tremendously, but still respectable. In total, I have lost 10 pounds in 14 days. Not too shabby, however 8 of those 10 pounds were during my 7-day fast, at the beginning, then another 2 pounds in 7 days. So, I’m more in line with safe weekly weight loss recommendations of 1 – 2 pounds a week.

I am currently in a 2 day fat fast, which entails eating 80% of daily calories in the form of healthy fat, not exactly easy. Yesterday, the first day, I managed approximately 75%…and I actually gained weight. So, I’ll just keep plugging along and see what tomorrow brings. I begin the low calorie phase on Saturday.

As far as my detox symptoms go, the rollercoaster continues. As is the case with most detox regimes, there are good days and bad days. Initially, during the first 7 days, I felt horrible. At the beginning of phase one, (5 days of veggie/protein) I was on a physical, mental and emotional high. I felt great. Then, on about day 3  I crashed: fatigue, muscle aches, weakness, etc…  I was back on a great high again for a day or two, now I’ve crashed again, since starting the fat fast. Along with the basic symptoms, an old knee injury and an old ankle injury have come back to haunt me. I just keep telling myself that my body is healing and this will all be worth it.

So that’s how things have been going for me lately. Before I get to the products, I wanted to share a few things with you. In my area, there is a delivery service called Seasonal Roots. They deliver locally grown, farm fresh veggies, fruit, milk, butter, eggs and meat directly to people’s homes. All items are sourced within 150 miles of my home. (instead of being shipped from California or Mexico). For more information on why you should eat local as well as finding farmers markets and local produce FOLLOW THIS LINK. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, and finally decided to give it a try. I received my first box this past Wednesday…Have a look;


The produce above is red leaf lettuce, spring onions, leaks, bok choy, Russian kale carrots, zucchini, white sweet potatoes (top right) red beets (middle right), golden beets (bottom right), Portabella caps and farm fresh eggs.

As part of my daily routine, I’ve been drinking matcha green tea in the morning, since I’m skipping breakfast due to my 16/8 intermittent fasting. I am finding it to be a WONDERFUL edition to my morning. I am NOT a morning person AT ALL! The tea gives me wonderful, sustained energy without the jiggers of regular caffeinated drinks. I’ve also found that the powder is strong stuff, and a little goes a long way. I decided to splurge and buy some authentic matcha tea accessories. Have a look:


Above is a tin of premium Japanese Matcha tea , a traditional bamboo matcha tea set, and Matcha DNA handcrafted Matcha Tea Bowl, used to prepare a traditional cup of Matcha tea. It works wonderfully! The bigger bowl is big enough to account for the large bamboo whisk. I couldn’t be happier. I find this method works best for preparing the powdered matcha leaves.

One final purchase to share with you, then I’ll get to the 5 products. Since my fasting buddy and I are drinking a combined 12 cups of red tea/day, making all that tea was getting tiresome. So, I came up with the idea to make a concentrated version of the tea using 2 cups of water and this handy little device. (Where has this been all my life!) It’s called the Teavana Perfecta 16 oz. Here’s how it looks, followed by a demo video. This is such a cool tea pot. If you drink a lot of tea, I highly recommend it.


Here’s a demo of the Teavana:

The Top 5 Products I Use During My Detox

There are 5 main products I’ve been using to help me through my detox, either to nourish, cleanse or aid in fat burning.

  1. Anthony’s organic rooibos tea
  2. Schizandu organic coconut activated charcoal
  3. Primaforce Yohimbine HCL
  4. Oceans Alive Phytoplankton
  5. Crystal Energy (Hunza water)



Rooibos tea is the base for the Red Tea recipe which I’ve been drinking during the course of my detox. For the main health benefits of Rooibos tea, FOLLOW THIS LINK. While there are other ingredients in the tea blend I use (which I cannot divulge), Rooibos alone has so many benefits, drinking it on it’s own is helpful.

Schizandu organic coconut activated charcoal


I will only be using this product during the course of my detox. Activated charcoal is used to help cleanse the body of poisons, chemicals and toxins. Activated charcoal should never be used long term. For more information on Activated Charcoal, FOLLOW THIS LINK

Primaforce Yohimbine HCL


I am only using this as a recommendation from the RED TEA DETOX book. I am trying to follow the detox as closely as possible. One of the purported  health benefits is fat loss. If you are interested in this product, PLEASE do your research first. Here is a bit of information on yohimbine, it’s benefits and side effects:

What is Yohimbine and should you use it? – Below is an excellent video discussing the benefits and side effects of Yohimbine. Quite frankly, I don’t recommend it, unless you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You’ve lost all but that last stubborn 10 pounds
  • you’ve tried every diet available and can’t lose any weight.

Ocean’s Alive Phytoplankton


What is Oceans Alive? (This is pricy, but GOOD stuff!)

This is a quote from the Ocean’s Alive (Activation Products)  website:

“Oceans Alive is the ultimate superfood. A premium blend of two specially cultivated, hand-selected marine phytoplankton strains, Oceans Alive is like rocket fuel for your cells. Grown in a photobioreactor, our marine phytoplankton is completely pure and free of contaminants. The nutrient density of this microalgae provides you with a wide array of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids; the building blocks of good health.”

Click on the link below

to hear Ian, the company founder,

talk about the power of Ocean’s Alive.

This is also the site where you can purchase Ocean’s Alive for yourself.


Crystal Energy (Hunza water)


What is Hunza Water? Here are two videos from Dr. Patrick Flanagan, inventor of Crystal Energy, explaining what Hunza water is and why it’s important…

Until next time…



Walk to Wellness: Top 5 Ways to Deal with a Detox Healing Response (AKA Detox symptoms)

Aegrescit medendo

This is the original latin phrase which translates to “The disease worsens with the treatment” or “The remedy is worse than the disease.” This is the phrase aptly given to what is known as the Herxheimer Reaction (technically the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction), AKA, “healing reaction”, “healing response” “healing crisis” “die-off reaction” or “detox symptoms”.

The Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction is named for Adolf Jarisch, an Austrian dermatologist and Karl Herxheimer, a German dermatologist, who were the first to observe this reaction in patients being treated for syphilis. The phrase, shortened to the Herxheimer reaction, has since been applied to reactions from healing and detoxing the body.

Healing responses can be scary and quite uncomfortable, to say the least, but are a natural part of the body’s healing process. The liver, in an attempt to protect the body, either stores unhealthy chemicals, in the liver itself, or in fatty tissue throughout the body. (4) Toxins, called endotoxins, also come from bad bacteria as they grow or when they die off.  As you detox, and the body either burns fat for fuel, these chemicals are released into the bloodstream, or the bacteria die off, creating the adverse symptoms. These toxins cause an immune response through out the body, creating inflammation where they are being released. (3)


While healing responses are a sign that the body is healing itself, detoxing isn’t for the faint of heart, and I mean this quite literally. If you have a chronic disease, heart problems or a diseased liver, DO NOT under any circumstances, detox without the assistance, and approval of a medical doctor or other qualified professional. Many in the medical field consider healing responses to be potentially dangerous, “especially in vulnerable individuals“.

While it is a natural process, I agree with them, but only to the extent of chronically ill people. It can make their illness worse, unless done properly and very carefully under close supervision. In most cases, a detox is exactly what they need to begin healing, however, their bodies are simply too sick to manage it. Detoxing is hard on all parts of the body, but particularly the liver, the main detox organ. Within these people, the liver, already weak, can become overwhelmed and begin shutting down.

In most healthy people, however, it is simply part of healing the body. It should be perfectly safe for most people to detox, as long as it is done slowly and carefully. That said, it is advisable to consult a physician prior to beginning any program.

The below video wonderful if you’d like to learn a bit more about a healing response.

Before we get to the tips for easing healing symptoms, I want to mention one thing. Doing any detox program or even suddenly switching from an unhealthy diet to a very healthy one, isn’t a smooth road, but more like a rollercoaster.

Upon starting the detox, you’ll experience initial symptoms, which will gradually improve. Just when you think things are getting better, you’ll have another flare-up, another healing reaction. Remember, your body is FULL of toxins. They don’t all get released at once, then go away. Quite frankly, you don’t want all of them to be released at once. As they gradually release, your healing responses will come and go.

Another thing to keep in mind, is you may experience pain from illnesses or injuries you acquired many years ago. So don’t be surprised if your injured knee from 20 years ago reasserts itself during your detox. Just something to keep in mind.

Tips for dealing with a healing response – Part of any good detox plan is to drink plenty of water, as well as get plenty of rest. Daily meditation is also a good way to deal with the stress from the detox. Other than that, here are a few of the best ways to deal with a healing response.

  • Himalayan Salt Bath –  Salt bath soaks are one of the best ways to detox the body. You’ll hear many advise you to use epsom salts. These are okay, buy I prefer Himalayan Salts in my detox baths. Himalayan salts are a wonderful addition, not just to your bath, but to your daily diet. Salt isn’t the evil thing it’s been made out to be, but like anything else, you just need the right kind. For more information on Himalayan Salts, FOLLOW THIS LINK. For a demo on how to do a Himalayan salt bath, aka a SOLE bath, FOLLOW THIS LINK. A 30 minute Himalayan salt bath will do the following (5):
    • Reduce inflammation – relieve joint and muscle pain throughout the body. (I’ve personally experienced this effect.)
    • Detox the skin – release inflammation on the skin
    • Increase your metabolism
    • Increase lymph flow –  increased lymph flow is essential for cleansing the body during a detox
    • Increase blood flow – healing issues deep within the body
  • Dry Skin Brushing – The skin is the largest organ in the body and one simple 6 minute routine every morning can improve your overall health, not just the skin, but the entire body. For more information on skin brushing, FOLLOW THIS LINK. For a demo on how to do a 6 minute skin brushing routine FOLLOW THIS LINK. Making skin brushing a part of your daily routine will do the following (6)
    • Stimulate your lymphatic system
    • Exfoliate your skin
    • Increase cirulation
    • Reduce cellulite
    • Relieve stress
    • Improve digestion and kidney function (essential during a detox!)
  • Caster Oil Pack on the Liver – This may be a new one for all of you, but I’ve been doing these for years, especially during my cleanses and detoxing. Basically, you take a quality caster oil, cold pressed, saturate a wool with oil, and warm the oil pack with a hot water bottle or heating pad. You then simply lay back and relax for 45 – 60 minutes. This may see like an odd thing to do, but it really works and so relaxing. Caster oil has been used for thousands of years, back to Egypt, 3500 years ago. For more information on Caster Oil Packs, FOLLOW THIS LINK. For a demo on how to do a caster oil pack on the liver, FOLLOW THIS LINK. A 45 – 60 minute caster oil pack will do the following (7)
    • Promotes circulation around the organ, in this case the liver
    • Supports the body’s natural ability to detox
    • Supports the nervous system
    • Reduces pain, inflammation and swelling
    • Increases lymphatic flow
    • Improves liver function
    • Improves digestion
  • Yoga While strictly speaking, yoga doesn’t actually “detox”, but like the other tips, it is an aid to help improve circulation in specific parts of the body, and relieve healing response symptoms. For more information on Yoga for Detox, FOLLOW THIS LINK. For a 20 minute yoga flow for detox and digestion, FOLLOW THIS LINK. Specific poses in yoga do the following (8):
    • Twists- These moves squeeze the abdominal muscles and stimulating the muscles and circulation to the organs of the digestive tract
    • Forward bends – compress the organs of the digestive tract increasing elimination
    • Inversions – drain fluid from the legs and feet back toward the heart.
  • Take Activated CharcoalActivated charcoal is actual charcoal, made from many different substances, that has been exposed to a gas, which creates a porous surface,  increasing the surface area and ability cleanse the body of toxins. Activated charcoal works by trapping toxins into the millions of tiny pores. It is widely used in hospital to aid in cases of drug overdose, and can be used during a detox or cleanse. It is important to use natural sources of activated charcoal, such as coconut shells. Some things of which to be aware: charcoal can react to medications, check with your doctor; interfere with the absorption of nutrients; should NEVER BE TAKEN LONG TERM, only use during your detox. For more information on activated charcoal, FOLLOW THIS LINK. For a video on activated charcoal, including how to use it, as well as precautions, FOLLOW THIS LINK. Taking activated charcoal will help in the following ways (8)
    • Relieves gas and bloating
    • Cleanses the body of mold
    • Emergency toxin removal
    • reduces cholesterol
    • anti-aging –  by preventing toxin related cellular damage
    • promotes a healthy digestive tract – by removing toxins that create allergic reactions and create damage

Closing thoughts

One final note, I apologize for getting this out so late in the day. However, I was dealing with my own healing response from my detox. It’s been a bad day! Anyway….

There are many more ways of alleviating healing responses, these are just the 5 I prefer. Other methods include acupuncture, enemas/colonics, essential oils, probiotics, bone broth, apple cider vinegar, and chiropractic care.

If you are thinking about a detox, implementing any of the above methods will go a long way to relieving the symptoms. Remember, as uncomfortable as healing responses are, it is well worth it in the end. You’ll feel so much better, cleaner and healthier as a result.

Until next time…

Namaste my friends



  5. Himalayan salt bath

The Red Tea Detox Diaries – I survived the 72-hour fast…barely 😉

😘Hello everyone!🤗

Yesterday Monday, March 26, at 12:00 pm I ended my 72 hour herbal tea fast. The length was technically 70 hours, and was supposed to go until 2:00 pm.  However, my fasting buddy and kids encouraged me to get back to eating on a normal schedule and end it 2 hours early. Besides, I felt like I was going to die! UGH! 🤕  giphy.gif

When I woke up on Monday morning around 8:00 am, it had been 66 hours since my last solid meal. I felt okay while I was laying down, but the second I stood up, I felt as if I was going to pass out. My head was spinning, I felt light headed and my legs were quite weak. I seriously thought I was going to pass out. By the time I got back in bed, my entire body felt weak, especially my arms and legs.

giphy (1).gif

I drank some water and green tea, which helped, and spent the morning lying down and studying for my oral exam, which I took today. The odd thing is, when it came time to eat, I wasn’t hungry at all. I forced myself to eat, because I obviously needed it.

Here’s what I had:



In the above photos-

  • On the left – Sesame Chicken Salad from Terra’s Kitchen
  • Top right – 4 ounces chicken breast and 1.2 ounces of red snapper
  • Bottom left – 1/2 cup homemade trail mix. (best part of the meal!) The trail mix has:
    • raw cashews
    • raw walnuts
    • raw almonds
    • raw pumpkin seeds
    • raw dried goji berries
    • golden berries
    • raisins
    • just a bit of dark chocolate chips.

Here’s the nutrition breakdown for this meal.

  • 813 calories
  • 47 grams of fat (mainly from the nuts)
  • 40 grams of carbs
  • 7 grams of fiber
  • 48 grams of protein.

The macros work out to:

  • 50% fat
  • 25% protein
  • 25% carbs.

I’m a bit over my carb goal. I would have preferred to be under 30 grams, but 40 isn’t too bad. I’m still under the 50 gram threshold.

For the next 4 days, I’ll eat one meal a day. Then on Friday, I begin phase 1 of the Red Tea Detox. During phase one, days 1-5, I’ll eat on an intermittent fasting schedule of  16/8 meaning – 16 hours fasting and 8 hours of eating. During those 8 hours, I’ll eat three meals consisting of only vegetables the first day and vegetables and protein the next 4 days.

holy spirit.png


But, despite everything, despite how poorly I felt, I’d absolutely do it again. While I’m still a bit weak from from the 72-hour fast, I actually feel really good. I feel uplifted and clean, I’m not sluggish or bloated. My morning headaches are gone!!! My craving have completely disappeared, especially, and most importantly, my addiction and cravings for soda are gone. AND…As of this morning. I lost 7 pounds in 3 days .

Then, there ‘s the spiritual aspect. There was something soul cleansing about this experience. My mind is clearer, I’m happier and my stress level has diminished to a great degree. Now, more than ever in my life, I feel more ready to attack and achieve my goals. Sitting around doing nothing is no longer and option. I somehow feel more connected with life and the world around me.  It’s as if I could feel my soul, my spirit heal and the energy strengthen. As difficult as this experience was, I am so glad I did it.


Until next time…



The Red Tea Detox Diaries – Hour 44 and still going


As I write this edition of the Red Tea Detox Diaries, I’m closing in on 48 hours of my 72 hour herbal tea fast. It’s been about 44 hours since my last solid meal. I’m almost 1/3 of the way done. I won’t lie, I’m not doing well. My sinuses are killing me and I’m tired. On the positive side, my hunger pangs are diminishing.


I’m proud of myself for making it this far. I must admit, it does help having a fasting buddy. We have been able to support and encourage each other. I’m not sure if I’d have stuck to this without him.

We’re already planning on what we should eat for our one meal tomorrow. What do you eat after having virtually no calories for 72 hours? The temptation is to pig out, right? But, we have to stay healthy and strong. The goal will be to stay under 30 grams of carbs for our one meal, and get somewhere close to our caloric intake for the day. We have yet to decide on the contents of that meal. I’ll let you know.

I’ve been implementing several detoxing strategies I’ve discovered over the years. This helps tremendously. I’ll be writing a separate article later in the week. I have a  final oral exam on Tuesday afternoon, so I need to focus on that first.





The above quotes are so true, as I’m discovering this weekend. I’ve done fasts before, but nothing like this. I did a 10 day juice fast about 5 or 6 years ago. That was tough, but different than this. With the juice fast, I was able to drink juice, which, depending on the juice, can contain significant calories.

This fast is quite different and I must say, I’ve never done anything like it in my life. Compared to my juice fast, I’m guessing I’m getting about 200 calories a day – each bone broth meal is about 100 calories.

It does make you think about things, about your life, about your self, your strengths, and about your weaknesses. You reflect, not only on the fact that you’re hungry and want food, but about your life in general. I can see why fasting is used to such a high degree in so many of our world’s religions. It has been quite spiritual. It feels as if I’m cleansing my soul as well as my body, and maybe…I am.

Until next time…



The Red Tea Detox Diaries – Dealing with Detox Symptoms

Day two of my 72- hour herbal tea fast. It’s been about 20 hours since my last solid meal. I’ve been drinking my red tea, as well as matcha green tea. I had Kettle & Fire Chicken Bone Broth for dinner last night and for lunch today. For more info on bone broth see THIS ARTICLE. Bone broth is amazingly healthy and I feel a good addition to this fast.

If you’re not familiar with Kettle & Fire, it’s considered the gold standard of prepared bone broth, if you’re too busy (or lazy in my case) to prepare your own. (and it tastes AMAZING!) Made in the USA, they use 100% grass fed beef bones or organic chicken bones and slow simmer them for up to 24 hours at 130 degrees. It’s amazing stuff!


Anyone familiar with my blog, knows I struggle with sinus problems. I did an elimination diet last year and discovered a whole host of foods that contribute to the headaches. While that helped tremendously, I still wake up, on occasion, with sinus headaches, as was the case this morning. This tells me I haven’t healed whatever is wrong with my sinuses, I am only avoiding headaches, by avoiding problem foods. So, my search for a sinus headache “cure” will continue, but first the fast and detox symptoms.

The main issues I’m having today are mainly hunger (a given I guess) and a fairly decent sinus headache. Normally, I’d take pain meds for them, but I can’t today, since I’m fasting and detoxing. It doesn’t really pay to detox, if I add to the toxin load with pain meds.

If you’ve never done a detox program, let me tell you, things definitely get worse before they get better. Your body depends on glucose for energy, and normally gets that through the food you eat. It takes some of that glucose and stores it in the form of glycogen, in your liver and muscle tissue, for a quick source of energy. Your body doesn’t store a lot of glycogen, approximately 300 – 400 grams in the muscles and up to 100 grams in the liver. When you’re on a fast, like I am, your glycogen stores deplete rather quickly, since I’m not getting any real calories. So, mother nature dips into the fat reserves for energy. (Which is the whole point, right) There is a problem to this, however….

Your liver is the main detox organ. On a daily basis, you are bombarded with toxins in food and the air around you. In an effort to protect the body, the liver stores the toxins in the fat. So, when you are on a fast, or detox, as I am, these toxins are getting released into my blood stream.

The release of toxins can cause what’s known as a “healing crisis“. This is when your body is struggling to deal with the toxins that have been loaded into the bloodstream from the release of fat. You need to help them get out of the body, or they’ll just end up going back into the fat.


The only symptoms I’m having right now are my sinus headache, hunger pangs, and fatigue. A healing crisis is a fairly normal part of detoxing, and to be expected. You just need to help your liver move things along with a few simple strategies. Keep in mind, if you have a known chronic illness, or disease. DO NOT detox without the support of a nutritionist and your doctor. Detoxing can be especially hard on the liver. AND, if you’re already sick, your liver is already in a weakened state. Something to keep in mind.


The herbs in the red tea are designed to help the liver with the detox and flush the body of toxins. I’m drinking 48 ounces of tea and a gallon (128 ounces) of water. This isn’t my first detox/fast, so I knew what to expect.  The first three days are always the worst, which is why I started on a weekend. It’s also good to have a detox “buddy”. I’m lucky to have my significant other doing the detox with me. So, I have built in support.

Until next time…



The Red Tea Detox Diaries – Let the Herbal Tea Fast Begin!

Today, Friday, March 23, 2018, my life is about to change…at least I hope so, if Author of THE RED TEA DETOX, Lynn Swann Miller, is to be believed. As I indicated in the article, A Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting, I began a journey into the Red Tea Detox world  at 2:00 p.m. today. Part of the recommendation in the book are to keep a journal of the process, as well as “go public”. So, that’s what this new, albeit temporary, series is designed to be – my public diary of the whole process. I’m not certain how often I’ll post. I’m hoping it’ll be daily, but I’m not making any promises.

The journey begins with a 7 day fast, which includes a 72 hour herbal tea fast. So, for the next 72 hours, until 2:00 p.m. on Monday, I will be drinking mainly the special tea recipe (minimum of 48 ounces – 6 cups per day), along with other herbal teas, one gallon of water per day, and bone broth. (my addition). I’ve also decided to add Ocean’s Alive (raw phytoplankton) to my drinking water. Being a nutrition nerd, I can’t help tweaking this plan just a bit. I’m just concerned about getting the proper nutrients over the next few days.  Lynn recommends super greens powder, so I feel comfortable doing this.

After the initial fast, I’ll be doing 24 hour intermittent fasting, while continuing to drink the tea and gallon of water, for the remainder of the week. This means I’ll get one meal per day, which, for me, will be every day at 2:00, until Friday, March 30 at 2:00 p.m. At that time, I begin Phase one…



The 7 day fast is designed to cleanse the body and prime it for the the main, 4 phase, portion of the detox, which takes 14 days. The whole process will take 21 days, including the 7 day fast, after which time, I’ll re-evaluate my situation, and see if I want to repeat the process. Here’s the layout of the next three weeks, as much for me as for you.

7 DAY FAST – 72 – hour fast – followed by four days of 24 hour intermittent fasting

PHASE ONE – Days 1 – 5 – a basic cleansing/alkalinizing diet consisting of veggies and protein along with the red tea, herbal tea, green tea, green drinks, green smoothies, protein smoothies and water –  Skipping breakfast – eating 3 meals between 12 – 8 pm.

PHASE TWO – Day 6 – is a 24 hour fast, beginning with the evening meal  on day five.

PHASE THREE- Day 7 & 8 FAT FAST – Eat between 1000 to 1200 calories – 80% to 90% of these calories will be from healthy fat sources

PHASE FOUR – Day 9 – 14 – Calorie restriction based on my personal BMR (basal metabolic rate). To calculate your BMR, FOLLOW THIS LINK. This is the rate at which my body burns calories while at rest. My personal BMR is 1553. According to the book, I’ll create a calorie deficit of 30%. Which means I’ll subtract 466 calories from my daily BMR. So, I’ll be aiming for a caloric intake of around 1087. She also recommends low carb, keeping carbs BELOW 30 grams/day if possible. (throughout all four phases)


My tea!


So, that’s the detox in a nut shell. If you’re wondering what this special red tea recipe is, I’m sorry to say, I don’t think I can give it to you. I had to pay for the book in order to get the recipe for myself. I searched EVERYWHERE online, and couldn’t find it. Anyway, it’s not just the special tea, it’s the whole package.

I’ve been told over and over in school and online how bad low calorie diets can be, as well as not eating breakfast. I’m a bit concerned about this whole thing. However, that’s EXACTLY why I’m doing this. I need to know how it affects me, so I can talk to people about it.

This past Monday, I dipped my toes into the intermittent fasting waters, AND started to drink the red tea. I skipped breakfast, drank 6 cups of red tea and 1 gallon of water every day. In 4 days, I lost 2.5 pounds. Not too shabby, since I didn’t change anything else about my diet. I continued walking my dog everyday. The only difference was I did it on an empty stomach (aka – fasting/fat burning phase). I think it helped?!

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’ll let you know how my weekend and the first three days go. I’m off to heat up some bone broth for dinner. YUM!