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Just Thought You Should Know…All About Cricket Flour! (Yes, it’s what you think!)

Have you heard of this product? Several months ago, shortly after I got this blog up and running, I received a twitter message, probably automated, from a cricket flour company, wanting me to try their product. Now, creepy crawly insects make my skin crawl,…

Ultimate Guide to Nutrients: Protein

Now, I know this is coming out VERY late today, but remember, from my food journal earlier today, I’m playing catch up this week, from my time off, changing my schedule and all that. In fact, that food journal should have been posted yesterday!…

5 High-Protein Foods Nutritionists Want You To Eat More Of | Prevention

Prevention magazine has come up with a list of 5 foods that nutritionists believe should be included in the daily diet. Below, I list each food from the list and the micronutrient benefits for each.

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