Sleep tips: Mayo Clinic Minute~ Tips for Better Sleep

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. Oh let’s face it, I have all out insomnia. So, I’ve decided to share sleep tip videos this week. Today, I have a “Mayo Clinic Minute: tips for better sleep”    

Tips for Managing Summer Stress | HealthCentral

PROJECT STRESS RELIEF: It’s BEAT THE HEAT week here at The Purple Almond. Summer is often stressful, whether it’s the heat, sun or late summer nights. find out how to manage the stress. Read More

An Archive of Meditations – The Purple Almond Year in Review

Since it’s a federal holiday here in the USA, I decided to take the day off from both blogging and school. I still wanted to posts something, so it’s a repost day here at The Purple Almond. Here is a repost of my Meditation Monday year end review from December. I couldn’t decide which article… Read More

Meditation Monday: Yoga for Mental Health

It is a well known fact that exercise is beneficial for stress relief, anxiety and  depression, but yoga is one of the best. Yoga combines strength and flexibility exercises with meditation and relaxation…a winning combination if you’re fighting depression or anxiety. 5 Reasons to use Yoga for Mental Health (1) Yoga slows down breathing and… Read More