Healthy Overnight Oats Recipes [Infographic]

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Ahh, mornings. Some people love them and consider themselves to be “morning people,” waking up with a smile on their face, but it seems as though a larger number of individuals would rather hit snooze over and over again than get their day started. If you consider yourself the latter, you…

Clean eating: Ultimate guide to smoothie making (with free smoothie guide)

This morning’s video is a bit longer than I would normally post, but it’s worth a watch. Instead of a smoothie recipe, Dani at Clean and Delicious has put together a wonderful smoothie guide video, complete with a smoothie guide printable. The video goes through what to keep on hand for quick smoothies, as well…Read more »

Clean eating: Clean eating spinach salad jars

This video demonstrates how to make a salad in a jar. It shows one recipes, but the combinations are infinite. You may have seen these before, however this one has a new twist, the dressing. Typically, in salad jars, the dressing goes on the bottom. This video demonstrates a different technique. Watch to find out!

Healthy Food Tips ~ Meal Prep ~ 3 ways to meal prep smoothies

This week we’re focusing on meal prep. Who doesn’t need some good meal prep ideas? SMOOTHIES!!! I LOVE smoothies! Here’s an infographic on how to make the perfect smoothie: Smoothies are another “go to” breakfast at our house. In fact, I’m testing the meal delivery company Green Blender as we speak. Here’s a spoiler alert…I’ve…Read more »

Healthy Food Tips ~ Meal Prep ~ Overnight Oats Builder (& 7 recipes)

This week we’re focusing on meal prep. Who doesn’t need some good meal prep ideas?  Here’s a “go to” meal prep idea we use at our house. Overnight oats! So easy! Here an infographic called the Overnight Oats Builder to give you a basic recipe: The Overnight Oats Builder Video (Includes 3 recipes) Now, here’s…Read more »