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Insomnia Fix: Top Causes of Insomnia

With more than 30% of the population suffering from insomnia, it is a fact that insomnia is a part of our society. Not only does insomnia have an impact on the individual, society as a whole suffers from this epidemic. Polls indicate that 60%…

11 Vegan Depression-Busting Tryptophan Foods Better Than Turkey! –

All week, I’ve been talking about boosting melatonin levels in your body. One of the best ways of doing that is eating foods rich in melatonin and tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin and melatonin. Many animal foods, such as eggs, salmon and poultry, are…

The Insomnia Fix: Circadian Rhythm ~ Winding Your Internal Clock

Did you know… 50-70 million American adults have a sleep disorder. 4.7% reported falling asleep while driving at least one time in the past 30 days. Insomnia is the most common specific sleep disorder. Short bouts are reported by about 30% of adults and…

The Insomnia Fix: How I cured my insomnia

Welcome to my new monthly series: The Insomnia Fix. I have quite a bit of experience with insomnia, having dealt with it earlier this year. If you suffer from insomnia or any form of sleep deprivation, I can totally sympathize. It all started when…

How to do Sleep Yoga for Deeper Sleep and Help Insomnia

Did you know that 7%-19% of US adults aren’t getting enough sleep? Why is sleep so important? People who don’t get enough sleep are at higher risk for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as a weakened immune system….

Insomnia and Intermittent Fasting

Originally posted on Fast and Fit with Mark and Jacie:
At about 01:00 in the wee hours of the morning, eyes open, pupils dilated, eyelids refusing to stay shut, the regret of that double espresso at 18:30 the previous evening sure hit me strong.…

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