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Middle Age Pathway Recipes: 8 Healthy Holiday Recipes – The Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen

Looking for healthy recipes for your holiday dinner table? Check out the latest post from my recipe blog: The Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen. Each recipe has a video and printable recipe. Ahh, the holidays season is here! During this time of year, full of…

Healthy Holiday Recipes: Perfect Prime Rib

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14 Healthy Kid-Friendly Recipes for the Holiday Season

My quest for healthy recipes, led me to this article at cookstory.com with healthy holiday recipes for kids. There’s a little of everything, 14 recipes in total: Balsamic Chicken & Stuffing Muffins Creamed Spinach & Mushrooms Fruity Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Pear-Stuffed Baked Apples Pork…

Healthy Holiday Recipes That Aren’t Salads

Contrary to popular belief, it?is?possible to eat healthy without making the same boring salad every day.?So to help you mix up your meals without derailing your healthy lifestyle, I’m sharing some nutritious recipes that don’t skimp on flavor. All you need?are diced onions, asparagus,…

The Wellness Potion’s Favourite Vegan​-Gluten Free – Refined Sugar-Free​ Christmas Cookies

Originally posted on The Wellness Potion:
It’s here!  December along with all it’s Christmas cheer is finally upon us.  I absolutely love Christmas, I relish in the glory of creating memories with my little ones.  A time for gathering with loved ones, sipping mushroom-…

1 minute videos: Cornflake Christmas Wreaths

Okay, these aren’t exactly healthy, but aren’t they cute?  God bless and  Namaste! 🙏

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