11 Banned Ingredients In Other Countries That Are Still Allowed In The US

A must read article for everyone! Americans should put their foot down and fight the big money food lobby that puts money before the lives of the citizens of this country.

Did you know certain ingredients are banned in other countries, but not in the US? Here are 11 banned ingredients Americans should stop eating.
— Read on foodrevolution.org/blog/banned-ingredients-in-other-countries/

The origins of Labor Day

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Labor Day every year? This article shares the history behind this national holiday. It goes back 126 years to President Grover Cleveland. Have a look:

The origins of Labor Day (& source photo):


Did you know…Pasta is available in 600 different shapes? (& other cool facts about pasta)

Before we get to the video, I wanted to share a couple websites that support the “600 pasta shape” fact:

Pasta for All – The International Pasta Organization

 Food Network Canada

The Daily Meal

Who doesn’t like a good bowl of pasta?

Well, here is a short video

with some interesting facts

about this tasty dish…


Did you know…Factory raised chickens are fed arsenic to make their flesh pink?

Now do you understand why I recommend locally grown, pasture raised organic chicken?

Here is a video from Buzz Feed with this fact and 7 others, designed to “creep you out.”

Featured image source

Did you know…1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year?

According to the video below,

this equates to $1 trillion

of wasted or lost food.

See the video for more facts

on food waste…

Did you know…Watermelons in Japan are square? (And other fun food facts)


So, why in the world are watermelons in Japan square? According to whataboutwatermelon.com, there are two reasons for this…

  1. They are easier to stack and ship
  2. It’s specifically designed to fit into the small Japanese refrigerators.

Here is a “Did you know”

video with this fact and a few others.

Did you know…Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries?

Fascinating isn’t it?

Here is a look at the two…

100 grams of each:

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 5.24.02 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-25 at 5.23.48 PM

Here’s a short video that explains why…

Did you know…Foods to eat during the day…but avoid at night.

Do you have acid reflux issues or trouble sleeping? It just might be something you’re eating…at night.

Here’s a video which highlights some healthy foods, which should be included during the day, but avoided at night…

Have a great day everyone!

God bless and namaste my friends.


Did you know…Little known food facts

How many burpees does it take to burn off one large fry? Which fruit helps fight depression?

Find out this and more in the 1:00 video below! Enjoy!

God bless and Namaste my friend. 🙏

Did you know…5 Psychological facts in one minute

How does the music you listen to affect you? How much stress are teens under today? What does crying do to your body? How can you boost dopamine and serotonin levels? How does sarcasm affect you?

Find out right now!

God bless and Namaste my friend!

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