Daily Log: Elimination Diet- Day 4- 07/13/17

Hello everyone! Well, 4 days into my 21 day elimination diet, and things are going well. I’m still waking up with headaches and congestion, but the intensity is way down. At the beginning of the week, they were about an 8 on a pain scale of 1 to 10. Today, it was about a 4 or 5. I need to remind myself that things won’t go away overnight. It just might take the full 3 weeks…I hope not, but it’s possible. On the plus side, My head feels clearer and I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time, and it gets better every day.


Onto the log:

Calories and water intake


Food log:

Tamara Hoerner MyNetDiary Summary from 07-13-17 to 07-13-17_Page_1

Exercise: Walk – 30 minutes / Steps – 3488


I even had enough energy for a short yoga session:


Daily Log: Elimination Diet-Day 2- 07/11/17


Exercise in the morning, before your brain figures out what's going on. - Unknown.png

Day 2 of my elimination diet, while not perfect, was much better than day 1. My sinus headache was at least tolerable and I was able to get a few things done around the house, as well as take my son to physical therapy. I did have a few other symptoms, including itchy skin and a bit more congestion in my nose.

As far as the food goes, I’m okay with it, and not really craving anything, yet. I think what helps, is that I gave up soda and processed sugar a couple of months ago.  So, things are plugging right along.

Daily calories and water intake:

Daily food log:

Tamara Hoerner MyNetDiary Summary from 07-11-17 to 07-11-17_Page_1.jpg

Exercise for today:

So, that’s it for today. Let me know if you have any question regarding food logs or the elimination diet.

Have a blessed evening.


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Daily Log: Elimination Diet-Day 1

Exercise in the morning, before your brain figures out what's going on. - Unknown.png

I started an Elimination Diet today to try and determine the cause behind my daily sinus headaches. I know it’s food related, I just need to pin down which one, thus this new plan. It’s been a rough day, which is why there was only a meditation post and not a motivation post. I apologize for that. I’ll try to post it later in the week, when I’m feeling better.

As a refresher, I’ll be eliminating the following foods from my diet for the next 21 days.

  • Dairy products (lactose and casein)
  • Wheat (and other gluten containing foods)
  • Eggs (whites particularly)
  • Corn
  • Peanuts
  • Tomatoes and all nightshades
  • Shellfish
  • All citrus fruits and juices
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Black tea
  • Alcohol
  • Soy
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Yeast


I had to cut back on my walking. My goal is still to reach 10,000 steps/ 5 miles per day, but, it is currently on the back burner, until after this first week of my elimination diet is done.  (I am currently averaging about 6000 steps per day, which is approximately 3 miles.) During the first part of the elimination diet, it’s important to take care not to over exert yourself. The first week is the hardest, as evidenced by my first day.

Today, I have been battling one of the worst sinus headaches I’ve ever had. I spent most of the day in bed with a cold washcloth on my face. Unfortunately, I don’t expect tomorrow to be any better. But, just knowing that these headaches will be history after this first week or two, helps get me through it.

Onto my daily log:

Food and water intake:



Daily food log:

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.23.18 PM.png


Daily Exercise:

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.02.45 PM

Have a wonderful night everyone!

God bless, Namaste!

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Daily Log: June 19, 2017

I blew it a bit on carbs today, but my calorie budget was on track.

I also fell short on steps today.

My oral exam is tomorrow, so I haven’t been walking as far as normal.

But, shake it off, get back up, and continue on.

Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.- Unknown.png

God bless everyone! Namaste! #sharethejoy



Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.30.42 PM





Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.31.42 PM



Daily goal – 5500

Today’s total – 4954




Daily Log: June 16, 2017

Hello everyone. I hope you had a fabulous week.

I wish for you a phenomenal weekend.




Exercise in the morning, before your brain figures out what's going on. - Unknown.png













Steps-daily goal- 5000

Steps – today’s total – 6,196




Daily Log: June 15, 2017

Good evening everyone!

I hope you had a fabulous day! 

God bless! Namaste!


Exercise in the morning, before your brain figures out what's going on. - Unknown.png

Food Log



Total Calories/Calories per meal/Macro totals/

fiber total/water total/exercise/steps


Breakdown of each meal

Daily Morning Walk




Charity Miles

Charity Miles


Daily Total Steps

Daily Goal: 5000

Today’s total: 8,871





Daily log: June 13, 2017

Drawing inspiration from other wonderful bloggers online, I’m hoping this new log will help me stay on track to fulfill  my main goal. In my last food journal, I decided to take the next step in my main goal:

“Lose 30 pounds-2 pounds a week for 15 weeks, beginning on Sunday, May 21, 2017 and ending on Sunday, September 3, 2017. In order to accomplish this goal, I will do the following things-” 

I had set up several steps. I’ll be implementing a new step every three weeks:

  • Stay away from soda-  Currently 30 days clean!
  • Eat whole foods 90% of the time. – currently eating 90/10 – fun foods on weekends
  • Drink 100 ounces of water a day – currently drinking 15 – 8 ounce glasses/day – 120 ounces per day.
  • Walk 5 miles/10,000 steps a day – DEADLINE-AUGUST 31, 2017-
    • In process- currently up to 5000 steps/day or 2.5 miles-
  • Log all food/meals – Began today – June 13, 2017
  • Do power yoga 2 times during the week – Begin this on July 1, 2017
  • Meditate every day for 30 minutes – Begin this on July 21, 2017

I’ll try to post this each evening between 8:00 and 10:00 pm or the next morning. I will be logging food and exercise.

As you can see, logging food/meals is my current goal for the next 3 weeks. Hopefully, it will become a habit in that time.

The other step I am working on is working up to walking 5 miles a day.

I use My Net Diary to log food.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 5.37.13 PM
My Net Diary

Here is my food log for today:

I use 2 different apps/devices to track my steps/miles.

  • Charity Miles – Tracks my miles and daily walks – then money is donated to charity
Charity Miles

Here is my Charity Miles Log for today:


  • Very Fit Watch – This tracks my daily steps. It is a cheap version of a Fit Bit. It’s not 100% accurate, but it gives me a good idea. That’s all I need.
Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 7.30.00 PM
Very Fit 2.0 Watch

Here is my Very Fit Watch Log for today: