My Pioneer Cookbook Adventure – 15 Incredible Recipes from “The Virginia Housewife” ~ Circa 1839

Before we get to the main blog article, I wanted to share my latest purchase with you. My antique waffle iron, circa 1900. Have a look!   It is in really good condition. I have seasoned it and tried using it once, which was an utter failure. The waffles stuck to the inside, so much… Read More

25 Amazing Recipes to Keep Your Weight Loss Plan Interesting (Paleo, Keto, GF, Low Carb, Alkaline, Red Tea Detox-Phase 1)

In the recipes below I have a few “bread” recipes, some veggie recipes and protein recipes: a few beef, a few chicken and a few fish. No more steamed broccoli and baked chicken, although that’s okay once in a while! I hope these recipes spark your imagination, because eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! Read More

Purple Sweet Potato Chip Nachos with Ground Bison

Hello all! 1 year ago today I posted one of my first recipes. Here it is… ENJOY!!  I recently discussed the health benefits of purple sweet potatoes in the blog: Purple sweet potato pie bar recipe | Well+Good I put this as together another option for adding this tremendous vegetable to your diet. Ingredients: Recipe… Read More