Thankful Thursday: 8 Cuts Every Cook Should Know – International Recipe’s

This Thankful Thursday article comes to us from Chef Gustavo Pasquini, author of the blog International Recipes. I am posting this article with the uncertainty as to the activity of this blog, since the most recent article I can find is from October, 2016, with a testimonial posted in January, 2017. With that said, I felt compelled to share it with you. This site has many phenomenal, chef quality recipes, and a few free e-books, examples of his international recipes book series.

Chef Pasquini studied at Senac, Juiz de Fora in Brazil. Chef Pasquini worked in a local restaurant, traveled to Ireland, worked in a restaurant there. In 2014, he traveled to Thailand, learned asian techniques, and took a courses at Le Cordon Bleu in Bangkock. After completing the advanced cooking level, he moved to Italy, where he learned Mediterranean Techniques, before returning to Brazil, where he currently lives.

Below is a youtube video made by Chef Pasquini, which show instructions on basic cutting techniques everyone should know.


To see the main article, follow this link:

8 Cuts Every Cook Should Know – International Recipe’s

Some of the many recipes on Chef Pasquini’s blog:

Shrimp Shell


Beef Fillet Wellington

Fillet Wellington with fresh herbs

Veloute Sauce


Glass Noodle Salad


Green Raw Wraps


Free e-books including HEALTHY RAW SNACK RECIPES

For other free e-books, see his about page


(all photos are courtesy of Chef Pasquini)

Beetroot and Toasted Walnut Hummus

Don’t like regular hummus? Here is a phenomenal replacement from The Om Project

Looks wonderful!!

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For the full article, recipe and instructions, click the link below.

Here’s a cool new one by Garden59 that takes your traditional hummus and spruces it up with beets and toasted walnuts. Hummus is a wonderful dish mostly made out of chickpeas with garlic, oli…

Source: Beetroot and Toasted Walnut Hummus

14 Paleo New Year’s Eve Recipe Ideas | | Perchance to Cook

Here are some last minute, healthy and easy recipe ideas for a your New Years Eve party. From buffalo turkey meatballs and bacon wrapped chicken to cinnamon maple roasted almonds and paleo “sugar” cookies, there’s something for everyone.

Source: 14 Paleo New Year’s Eve Recipe Ideas | | Perchance to Cook

Pear-Pecan Cheese Ball Recipe –


With Christmas just 2 days away, you probably have your holiday menu planned. If, on the off chance that you are in need of a last minute appetizer, or are planning your New Year’s Eve party, here is an easy, healthy and delicious cheese ball recipe, from Eating Well

Source: Pear-Pecan Cheese Ball Recipe –