According to the article, How does meditation effect the body, from Gaiam, research from the Mayo Clinic indicates meditation not only helps with spiritual and emotional benefits, but has a positive impact on several physical health conditions. These health conditions include: “allergies, anxiety disorders, asthma, binge eating, depression, fatigue, heart disease, high blood pressure, pain, sleep problems, substance abuse and even cancer.” 

Stress Reduction: Stress has a huge impact on the body. Your body reacts to ANY anger, fear or stress the same way it would if a tiger was chasing you. It goes into survival mode, and into what’s known as “fight or flight” mode. Your body releases sugar for energy, increasing glucose levels, while raising your blood pressure and breathing. Meanwhile, it shuts down or suppresses your digestive and immune systems, among other things. See the following article, at Dr. Josh Axe’s website to discover how stress affects you.: 10 ways chronic stress is killing your quality of life.

Heart Health: Studies published by the American Heart Association indicate that meditation can decrease thickness of artery walls. Meditation also lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

Decreased Muscle Tension: By controlling breathing while focusing on problem areas of the body can help relax muscles. In fact, it helps to consciously focus on each muscle group, one by one, from bottom to top or vis versa, relaxing as you go.

Enhanced Immunity: Studies published by in Psychosomatic Medicine, stress reduction, brought about by meditation has a positive influence on the immune system as well as the brain.

Cancer: Studies from 2003 indicate that cancer patients who meditated had improved emotional outlook, anxiety relief, and pain.


Below you will find 4 guided meditations:

  1. deep relaxation
  2. pain relief and sickness
  3. anxiety and stress
  4. letting go before sleep

Blissful deep relaxation:

Pain relief and sickness guided meditation:

Anxiety and stress guided meditation:

Letting go before sleep guided meditation: