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Every Saturday I post a journal, which discusses my struggles with food and nutrition. I talk openly about my addiction to sugar and my struggles with weight. I will also show my experiments with fermenting, and creating my own recipes, successes and failures.

I also post a journal article every Saturday on my second blog. My Walk in the Woods discusses God, Religion and spirituality, along with my own journey of discovery.

My Walk in the Woods.


Journal entry #1- My Story

Figuring outmy goals

Journal entry #2- Falling and getting back up

Figuring outmy goals (1)

Journal entry #3: 27 days soda and sugar free

27 daysSugar andSoda Free

Journal entry #4:  Playing Catch Up (whew!) & Elimination diet days 5 – 8 (July 14 – 17, 2017)

27 daysSugar andSoda Free (4)

In the spotlight

10 Healthy Protein Bar Recipes

by Tamara Hoerner in Baked goods

Hello everyone! It’s so good to be back after my week long hiatus. I spent the week studying for my big exam. (I got an “A”!) I missed all of you and am Read on...


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