Have you seen this? What’s With Wheat?

I just finished watching this documentary which highlights wheat, it’s beginnings in history, the changes made in the 20th century and society’s growing intolerance to this food, which has permeated every aspect of  our society. If you have any type of chronic illness, this is a must watch documentary. It sheds light on the current…Read more »

Have you seen this? The Gerson Miracle – Gerson Media

If you know someone with cancer, this is definitely a film you'll want to watch. This is one of the first films I watched that sparked my interest in nutrition. After seeing this documentary, I was convinced of the power of proper nutrition to heal the body. This is one of three different documentaries which…Read more »

Have you seen this: Sugar Coated – A Revealing Look at the Sugar Industry

Is sugar the new tobacco? Would it surprise you to learn that scientists, the government and sugar industry knew the toxic effects of sugar 40 years ago, but covered it up? In the 1970’s there was a debate going on in the government and scientific world about whether fat or sugar was the cause of…Read more »

Have you seen this? Chemotherapy found to SPREAD cancer throughout the body, warn scientists-The Health Ranger

Cancer is my theme for today. In place of my normal Thankful Thursday article, I am posting one “Have you seen this?” and one very special edition of “Just thought you should know…” Because –I have a TON of school work, (on which I’m behind, BTW! 😩), I took the day off yesterday, AND today’s…Read more »