I tried it! Dosha Mat Product Review – COUPON CODE for 15% off!

The Dosha Mat is an acupressure mat that is unparalleled in quality and is 100% eco-friendly. can sum up my thoughts about the Dosha Mat in 3 words…I’M IN LOVE! Read More

The Wellness Mindset: Enjoying Acupressure with a Dosha Mat By: Jessica Rose

The Dosha Mat is an acupressure mat that is unparalleled in quality and is 100% eco-friendly. Read More

Tips for Managing Summer Stress | HealthCentral

PROJECT STRESS RELIEF: It’s BEAT THE HEAT week here at The Purple Almond. Summer is often stressful, whether it’s the heat, sun or late summer nights. find out how to manage the stress. Read More

Project Stress Relief: A guide to Daily Life Meditation

What if I told you that you could meditate while doing your daily activities, like folding laundry, doing dishes, sitting at your desk at work, walking, running or lifting weights? Would that interest you? Read More

An Archive of Meditations – The Purple Almond Year in Review

Since it’s a federal holiday here in the USA, I decided to take the day off from both blogging and school. I still wanted to posts something, so it’s a repost day here at The Purple Almond. Here is a repost of my Meditation Monday year end review from December. I couldn’t decide which article… Read More

30 Second Videos- Neck & Shoulder Relief

Everyone gets a stiff neck and shoulders every now and then, especially with the high amount of stress we all face on a daily basis. Here is a quick tip to help relieve that tension in your neck and shoulders. God bless! Namaste!

Mindfulness Monday: The Fly and the Samurai

Good morning everyone. I hope your week is beginning on a positive note and your month is ending happily. You may be wondering where Mindfulness Monday came from. According to my schedule, I normally do either motivation (1st/3rd Monday) and meditation (2nd/4th Monday). Well, today is unusual, because it is the 5th Monday in July,… Read More

Meditation Monday: Foot Soaking Meditation

Imagine coming home from a long, very stressful day at work, sitting down and in 15 minutes, your stress, anger, frustration and negative energy from the day is gone. I recently discovered a foot soaking meditation technique, designed to draw stress and negative energy out of the body, through the feet. It is said to… Read More

Meditation Monday: Tapping-The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

We all have stress and fear. It’s part of the human experience. Some people handle it well or, if you’re like me, you can be a basket case sometimes. Everyone tells you to just “let it go” or “stop worrying”. Well, it’s easier said then done. What if I told you, there was a technique… Read More