I tried it! Treeline Treenut Cheese Product Review (Vegan/Vegetarian/Dairy Free)

Every so often, I have things I want to share that don’t fall within my normally scheduled articles, which is why I have a few types of articles which I post randomly. Here are the themes I have so far: “JUST THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW…” “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?” “ALLERGY-FREE” I’m adding a new theme… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Whole Food Snacks for the road

As we are discussing traveling today, I thought it fitting to include some healthy snack options for your road trip. Below you’ll find some sweet and savory recipes to tide you over and lift your spirits while in the car or waiting in the airport. Enjoy! God Bless! Namaste!   “Everything Bagel” Nut and Seed… Read More

Spirulina, the Ultimate Superfood? + Banana, Blueberry & Red Peanut Smoothie (Vegan/Vegetarian/GF)

Originally posted on pearsnotparsnipsdotcom:
I loved this smoothie! It has an unusual combination of ingredients and I wasn’t expecting to photograph it at all because usually anything with dark ingredients, and especially Spirulina, will look less than appetising. I was pleasantly surprised, it looks just like a milkshake! Nutritionally, it has everything you could ask…

Recipe: Chocolate Bliss Balls (vegan, paleo)

Originally posted on Broke with expensive taste:
Perfect Sunday breakfast Bliss balls are everywhere on health food blogs and in shops and they’re surprisingly easy to make! These ones have 100 calories each so provide a great afternoon pick me up/alternative to chocolate or crisps. You can add pretty much anything to them to your…

Press-It Thursday: Homemade “Lara Bars” with Goji Berries | Roxana’s Kitchen

  Today’s recipe is from the blog-Roxanna’s Kitchen. Roxanna lives in Chicago and works in the food industry. She says she “Cooks in her spare time and reads recipes obsessively.” When I first went gluten-free, I struggled to find good snacks that actually tasted good, and Lara bars were one of those snacks. Roxanna’s homemade Lara… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: 6 Super Healthy Diabetic Friendly Recipes

Earlier today, I posted a list of foods to include to help control diabetes. Here, I include some recipes using those foods, to give you ideas on how to make them a part of your daily diet. I’ve tried to combine them together, when possible. ENJOY! Sardine and Lemongrass Salad From: Saveur.com Spinach, Beef and Egg… Read More

Nutella Unmasked (And Two healthy Alternatives)

I’m not sure if anyone would believe me when I say, I’ve actually never tried Nutella in my life. That being said, I know it is incredibly popular, and often touted as being a healthy and tasty alternative for breakfast. A google search for recipes using Nutella resulted in 730,000 hits. Take a look at… Read More