11 Banned Ingredients In Other Countries That Are Still Allowed In The US

A must read article for everyone! Americans should put their foot down and fight the big money food lobby that puts money before the lives of the citizens of this country. Did you know certain ingredients are banned in other countries, but not in the US? Here are 11 banned ingredients Americans should stop eating.… Read More

7 Unhealthy Foods That Taste Incredible

An incredible article, with great information about foods to avoid or consume in moderation. As I always say…Just eat whole food! 7 Unhealthy Foods That Taste Incredible 7 Unhealthy Foods That Taste Incredible — Read on tastesofhealth.eu/7-unhealthy-foods-that-taste-incredible/

How to eat healthy – Food Additives: Anti-Foaming Agents (Aka…silly putty?)

Yes, you read that right, silly putty.   I used to love to play with silly putty as a kid. Those of you from my generation (I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s) will remember buying and playing with silly putty. One of my favorite things to do? Press some silly putty on against newspaper… Read More

How to eat healthy: Food Additives ~ Anti-caking Agents.

Did you know the FDA maintains a database of over 3000 different items, which are added to our food? This series covers the most common of these additives. Today, we continue working our way through the list of additives the FDA deems “safe”, as we discuss anti-caking agents. For the other articles in this series,… Read More

How to eat healthy: Food additives-Acids

NOTE: I apologize for the lateness of this post today. This article was extensively researched and took much longer than expected. I hope you find it informational and useful. The FDA has a database of Everything Added to Food in the United States. (EAFUS) There are over 3000 substances in this data base. In this… Read More