Light the World Vending Machines Offer Chance to Give Instead of Get –

Another way to give to the less fortunate this holiday season! Light the World Vending Machines Currently, these giving vending machines are only in New York City. Hopefully, they will spread across the country! As part of its annual Light the World campaign for the Christmas season, the Church has placed vending machines that offer… Read More

Touching Lives: Active Heroes

Since today is Veteran’s day and a federal holiday, my better half is home from work, so I’ll be spending my time with him. In place of my usual Monday article, I am reposting this article about the non-profit organization called ACTIVE HEROES. They try to raise awareness about the epidemic of Veteran suicide. I’ll… Read More

Why is stress management so important? U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High – The New York Times

The fact that the suicide rate has surged to a 30 year high, only underscores the importance of proper stress relief techniques. Read More

Touching Lives…The Birthday Party Project

What they do: “Bringing joy to homeless children through the magic of birthdays.” Once a month, this amazing organization teams up with homeless and transitional living facilities to throw birthday parties for the children with birthdays that month. The other children and the family  members also attend the festivities to help celebrate. How it all… Read More

Touching Lives…The Confetti Foundation

When I first started my blog, I did a daily inspiration post each evening. On occasion, part of that series included highlighting non-profit organizations making an impact around the world an touching the lives of those in need.  If you’re interested in reading some of my past “non-profit” posts, you can find them HERE and… Read More

Let Your Light Shine

Originally posted on soulgifts – Telling Tales:
Google images We’re celebrating women.  This month whole month is dedicated to us girls. I thought I’d share with you one of the most inspiring stories I have come across. A story about survival against all odds. Not just survival – this is one kick ass awesome woman.…

Connecting the World through Music…Playing for Change

Today,  I thought I’d take this opportunity to do something I love to do, but also, something I haven’t done in a VERY long time, and that’s highlight a non-profit organization.  (If you’d like to see some of the other articles highlighting non-profits, follow this link.) Today I’m highlighting the Foundation – Playing for Change.… Read More

Have you seen this? Burger King’s Anti-Bullying Ad ~ Whopper Jr. vs High School Jr. (Must see video)

When I first saw this  short video (2:58) earlier today, I was in shock by the end. In the video, actors “bully” a high school junior in front of actual customers. Meanwhile, the Burger King workers “beat up” actual Whopper Jr. sandwiches, belonging to the customers. Who do you think the customers defend? Have a… Read More