In Memory of a Friend…

Since today is Halloween, many of you may be planning on going to a party. I’m here to remind you to have a plan for getting home, if you drink any alcohol. THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK! This is a repost of a Daily Inspiration I posted in January of 2017.  I try to repost it… Read More

My wish…15 Amazing songs to inspire you right now.

I decided to take one more week of a school/blogging break. I’m a bit down and dealing with a few issues here at home. I decided I needed a bit more time off to recoup, to gather my self and my thoughts. I will be returning one week from today, on October 8, 2018, with… Read More

7 Scientific Benefits of Helping Others | Mental Floss

JUST THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW…’People who described themselves as “very happy” volunteered an average of 5.8 hours per month.’ Read More

30 Second Videos: Your life is…

How do you view your self? How do you view your life? How about viewing you and your life as it should be… A masterpiece! Until next time…namaste my friends.

A lesson in failure…

None of these people tried once and succeeded. Most tried dozens, even hundreds of times, before they ultimately succeeded. The lesson is not to give up. The only way to fail is to quit. Read More

The Motivation Movement: Are you comfortable in your own skin?

“You don’t need to justify why your body looks a certain way…the only thing that matters is that you’re comfortable in your own skin.” ~ Natalie Barxyk Read More

30 Second Recipes – Banana-Oats Smoothie

 You like your oatmeal, but don’t have time to sit and eat? Have it on the go, with this smoothie version from Herbs & Spices Enjoy and Namaste!