Clean vs. Dirty Keto [Must-Read for Keto Followers] | Healthy with Stefan

Since starting the Keto diet about 10 days ago, I’ve done a lot of reading and research, as well as scrolling through Instagram posts, looking at photos of people’s keto meals. I’ve discovered two distinct sides of the keto diet….CLEAN KETO AND DIRTY KETO. What’s the difference? A picture they say, is worth a thousand…Read more »

The Ketogenic Diet Mini-Course with Dr. Berg

I had another keto post planned, but, I’m struggling today, due to a severe case of keto induced insomnia, which I’ll talk about in my Fit by 50 journal on Thursday.  Due to sleep deprivation, I’m WAY behind schedule today….So, I decided to post Dr. Berg’s mini-course videos here for you. They are short, ranging…Read more »

21 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water With Himalayan Sea Salt | CalorieBee

Let’s put it this way, table salt is the “white bread” of the salt industry. You can consider sea salt and Himalayan salt as “unprocessed whole foods”. – even if there’s no scientific evidence supporting purported health benefits of sea salt/Himalayan salt, it’s a whole food and table salt is a refined food and can be toxic. ENOUGH SAID

Intermittent fasting and why everyone should be doing it

Originally posted on Guidelines to Functional Logevity:
? What is intermittent fasting?  Intermittent fasting is a revolutionary lifestyle change anyone can make. It involves cycling periods of eating and not eating, leading to a vast array of health benefits. Typically this method is performed by consuming all of your meals within an eight-hour window so…