Thankful Thursday: Savoury Thanksgiving Pie (Vegetarian) ~ Jody Karen

Just a bit of “housekeeping” before I get on with today’s Thankful Thursday article.  I will be taking the next two weeks off from posting, for two reasons. Next week Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the USA.  I’ll be taking time off to prepare my big meal and spend time with my family I’m at… Read More

Thankful Thursday: Asparagus pistachio risotto – Electric Blue Food

  Hello all! Welcome to another edition of THANKFUL THURSDAY! I’d like to introduce you to EVA, from ELECTRIC BLUE FOOD. Eva is a photographer and foodie currently living in Sweden. She loves traveling, landscape photography, live music, writing and food, especially preparing desserts. She’s had a blog on and off for the past 10… Read More

Thankful Thursday: Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats – Kitchen with Keri

Thankful Thursday has fast become one of my favorite posts to write, because I get to highlight one of my extremely talented followers, and fellow bloggers. For today’s edition of Thankful Thursday, I’m highlighting Keri from Kitchen with Keri: Adventures of a Home Cook. Keri, who started out as a “reluctant” cook, discovered a love… Read More

Have you seen this? What’s With Wheat?

I just finished watching this documentary which highlights wheat, it’s beginnings in history, the changes made in the 20th century and society’s growing intolerance to this food, which has permeated every aspect of  our society. If you have any type of chronic illness, this is a must watch documentary. It sheds light on the current… Read More

Thankful Thursday: Mexican Street Corn-Frugal Hausfrau

Welcome to another weekly edition of Thankful Thursday, where I highlight one of my phenomenal followers! This week, I have for you Mollie from the blog FRUGAL HAUSFRAU, and her recipe for Mexican Street Corn (YUM! 😍). In her blogs, Mollie give recipes and tips on cooking on a budget. She says she’s always been… Read More

Just thought you should know…How to Prepare Amaranth + 15 Recipes

A couple of weeks ago, in my ULTIMATE GUIDE TO NUTRIENTS: PROTEIN article, I published the following list of plant foods that are complete acids, containing all 9 essential amino acids. Quinoa – 8.14 grams per cup Amaranth – 9.35 grams per cup Soybeans – 22 grams per cup Buckwheat – 23 grams per cup… Read More

Healthy Cooking Tip…

Good morning everyone and HAPPY MONDAY! If you’re not familiar with making risotto, here is a link to an article I wrote with tips and an instructional video. How To Make Perfect Risotto 4 ways with Gennaro Contaldo Have a wonderful week everyone!