Wellness Wednesday: Five High Fiber Desserts

When we talk of boosting your fiber intake, many people think of beans, whole grains, veggies or salad. While that is true, these are all good sources of fiber, it doesn’t have to be all beans and veggies. It is possible to “have your cake and eat it too”, so to speak. You can get… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: 10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Daily Fiber Intake

As we continue to discuss fiber this week, as our nutrient of focus, I wanted to pass on a few tips to help you boost your daily fiber intake. Remember: 25 grams per day for women and 35 – 40 grams per day for men. Make sure your carbs come from whole food sources– ALL… Read More

Ultimate Guide to Nutrients: Fiber

Before I get started on the nuts and bolts of fiber, I wanted to say thank you for being so patient with me over the past couple of weeks. My life has been a bit chaotic lately. Between school, my son’s accident, and caring for him, I haven’t had a lot of time to properly… Read More