How Low-Carb and Ketogenic Diets Boost Brain Health

How Low-Carb and Ketogenic Diets Boost Brain Health Like most people my age (nearing 50 years young!), I grew up during a time when dietary fat was the bad guy. So, prior to starting school at Hawthorn University (HU), I was completely brainwashed with the idea that fats were bad, carbs were good and that… Read More

The Ketogenic Diet Mini-Course with Dr. Berg

I had another keto post planned, but, I’m struggling today, due to a severe case of keto induced insomnia, which I’ll talk about in my Fit by 50 journal on Thursday.  Due to sleep deprivation, I’m WAY behind schedule today….So, I decided to post Dr. Berg’s mini-course videos here for you. They are short, ranging… Read More

Ultimate Guide to Nutrients: Unsaturated Fats

All fats, whether saturated or unsaturated, contain 9 calories per gram. This is more than double that of protein or carbs, which contain 4 calories per gram. Therefore, while healthy sources of fat are essential to human health, they should be consumed in moderation. Read More

Ultimate Guide to Nutrients: Fats – A short review

Hello everyone… I’m in the midst of a big assignment for school, so instead of moving on to the next topic in our series on fats, I decided to repost the three previous posts in the series. This will be a good review, since the last article on saturated fats, was posted almost 3 months… Read More

Ultimate Guide to Nutrients: Saturated Fats

Saturated Fatty Acids have been demonized since the 1970’s and as far back as the 1950’s, when Ancel Keys published his famous “7 Country Study“. However, many studies are now beginning to show that saturated fat isn’t the bad guy we’ve been led to believe. For example, tropical oils are one of the items deemed… Read More

The facts about fish oil

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You may have heard of people who take fish oil supplements… but do you know why they take them? Fish oil supplements are gaining in popularity as people become more aware of the health benefits that they may offer us. Fish oil is obtained from fatty fish (you may also have…

Have you seen this? Saturated Fat is Good for You

Keep in mind, at least 50% of the fat in our body is saturated fat. So, we have a lot of saturated fat in the body, we can’t form cells without it, but it’s bad for us? Hmmmm.

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Ultimate Guide to Nutrients: Understanding Trans Fats

At the beginning of August, I wrote the first in a series of articles on FAT. In that article, I explained that I was breaking this topic down into a series of six articles: Fat-the basics Fats to avoid Trans Fatty Acids Vegetable oils Saturated fat Unsaturated fat Omega fat Cholesterol The first article covered… Read More

Ultimate Guide to Nutrients: Fat-The Basics

Since the 1970’s, fat has been demonized as the primary cause of heart disease. There are so many questions about fat. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it cause heart disease? Does it clog arteries? Is it the cause of our obesity epidemic? These are questions, which were all researched in the 1970’s, and… Read More

7 Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Butter Nutrition – Dr. Axe

Butter?…healthy?…what? Yes! At least if you use the right kind. I’m not talking about just any old butter, but proper grass-fed, preferably cultured, butter. It is an amazing source of healthy medium chain triglycerides, (MCT), the same type as in coconut oil. Did you also know it’s okay to add butter to your steamed green… Read More