Clean & Healthy Keto Tips ~ 10 Keto Recipes in 30 Minutes or less

We are all busy…with work…the kids…social engagements…school (for some of us). For me, as I work on my thesis, I’m also fixing up my home and preparing for my youngest son to graduate in from high school in June. Over the past month, it has become easy to “fall off the wagon” and order take…Read more »

The Wellness Mindset: Spiritual wellness~ Seeing…Experiencing…knowing

This week, we’re discussing the fourth dimension of wellness: Spiritual Wellness. As I have an assignment due on Friday, I’m cheating a bit today. I have included a article from, discussing the exact nature of spiritual wellness. Spiritual wellness is the underlying core of all other aspects of wellness. Without a healthy spiritual nature,…Read more »

15 Pioneer Recipes That Survived The Oregon Trail

Just think about riding in a covered wagon across the United States. Weeks upon weeks of travel in all sorts of terrain and weather conditions. The early settlers were a hardy and brave group of people.  One route traveled was the Oregon Trail. This was a 2,170 mile wheeled wagon route which connected the Missouri…Read more »

The Wellness Mindset ~ Intellectual Wellness: Your Brain on Music

(Scroll to the bottom for today’s video) Over the past few of weeks, we’ve been discussing the 6 dimensions of wellness. Last week, we discussed environmental wellness. All of this week’s videos will focus on how to improve your intellectual wellness. What is Intellectual wellness? Maintain your mind through learning, problem solving and daily decisions;…Read more »