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Blog Schedule

To make things easier on me,

and so you know what to expect,

I’ve set up a this

schedule page for both of us. 


Here are the articles to be posted

one time per week-

  • MONDAY– 2 articles every Monday
    • MOTIVATION: Published each Monday morning. Some inspiration and motivation to start your week off on the right note. (This series is the former “daily inspiration”)
    • MEDITATION: Every Monday afternoon, a different meditation article will be posted.
  • TEACHING TUESDAY– Tuesday articles alternate between 2 blog series-
  • WELLNESS WEDNESDAY– Wednesday’s are dedicated to diabetes awareness. There will be 2 articles on Wednesday’s
  • THANKFUL THURSDAY– Each Thursday I feature at least 1 fellow blogger article. I try to post recipes, but also look for health, nutrition and inspirational articles. Let me know if you’d like to be featured on THANKFUL THURSDAY
  • FRIDAY– There are articles on Fridays-
    • Happiness Is... – This post, formerly a daily post, is meant to be fun and a bit silly. I include
    • FEEL GOOD FRIDAY– Inspirational and motivational articles to end your week on a positive note.
    • ALLERGY-FREE FRIDAY–  Daily living tips and recipes exclusively free from all allergens. It won’t be the normal “list”, but will feature 1  each week.
  • SUNDAY– My personal food journal. In which I discuss my struggles with food.

Let me know

if there’s something

you’d like to see

posted on my site.

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