Throwback Thursday: 1903 Good housekeeping ~ Popovers

Hello everyone and WELCOME to the inaugural edition of my new series: THROWBACK THURSDAY. In case you missed the introduction, here’s a quick summary. “I am a firm believer in whole food cooking, the way… More

My Pioneer Cookbook Adventure: 1903 Good Housekeeping ~ Snowballs (… and a failure)

I’ve had my first failure in my pioneer cookbook adventure. (Formerly, Throwback Thursday) I attempted two more recipes this week. One was an utter failure and one mostly worked. (Tasted wonderful, but, didn’t look quite… More

Just thought you should know….Big Changes are Coming to The Purple Almond

As you know, I am currently working toward a Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition. Over the summer, I passed from the foundation level of classes to a more advanced level, and into a… More

My Pioneer Cookbook Adventure: Good Housekeeping 1903 ~ Boston Brown Bread

Hello all! Welcome to another edition of my adventures in cooking old school. As a brief summary, for those new to my blog, I have a small collection of cookbooks dating between 1895 to 1950.… More