My Pioneer Cookbook Adventure: Spoon Bread

Admittedly, I’m not familiar with spoon bread. Growing up in South Dakota,  we had “Johnny Bread”, aka corn bread, not spoon bread. Unlike spoon bread, corn bread isn’t just made with corn meal, but a mix of flour and corn meal. Cornbread is also sliced, like normal bread, not “spooned”. So, I wasn’t sure what…Read more »

My Pioneer Cookbook Adventure: Good Housekeeping 1903 ~ Rice Waffles

Rice waffles…I wasn’t sure what to think when I first read the title of that recipe. It immediately drummed up images of patties of rice in the shape of waffles. But, as it turns out, this is an AMAZING waffle recipe. They are light, crispy, sweet and DELICIOUS! A quote from my husband… “Well, it…Read more »

My Pioneer Cookbook Adventure: Good Housekeeping 1903 ~ Boston Brown Bread

Hello all! Welcome to another edition of my adventures in cooking old school. As a brief summary, for those new to my blog, I have a small collection of cookbooks dating between 1895 to 1950. I am currently attempting recipes from a 1903 Good Housekeeping cookbook. This week, I attempted to make BOSTON BROWN BREAD,…Read more »

My Pioneer Cookbook Adventure: 1903 Good Housekeeping ~ Snowballs (… and a failure)

I’ve had my first failure in my pioneer cookbook adventure. (Formerly, Throwback Thursday) I attempted two more recipes this week. One was an utter failure and one mostly worked. (Tasted wonderful, but, didn’t look quite right!) Well, when you’re dealing with old terms and skimpy recipes with very little instructions, it’s bound to happen. So,…Read more »

I tried it! Treeline Treenut Cheese Product Review (Vegan/Vegetarian/Dairy Free)

Every so often, I have things I want to share that don’t fall within my normally scheduled articles, which is why I have a few types of articles which I post randomly. Here are the themes I have so far: “JUST THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW…” “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?” “ALLERGY-FREE” I’m adding a new theme…Read more »

Just thought you should know….Big Changes are Coming to The Purple Almond

As you know, I am currently working toward a Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition. Over the summer, I passed from the foundation level of classes to a more advanced level, and into a newly structured system. The classes are much harder, with 100’s of pages of reading in each class, large papers due…Read more »

Throwback Thursday: 1903 Good housekeeping ~ Popovers

Hello everyone and WELCOME to the inaugural edition of my new series: THROWBACK THURSDAY. In case you missed the introduction, here’s a quick summary. “I am a firm believer in whole food cooking, the way our grandparents and great-grandparents used to prepare. So, I set out on a mission to find old cookbooks from the…Read more »