15 Pioneer Recipes That Survived The Oregon Trail

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My Pioneer Cookbook Adventure – 15 Incredible Recipes from “The Virginia Housewife” ~ Circa 1839

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My Pioneer Cookbook Adventure: Spoon Bread

Admittedly, I’m not familiar with spoon bread. Growing up in South Dakota,  we had “Johnny Bread”, aka corn bread, not spoon bread. Unlike spoon bread, corn bread isn’t just made with corn meal, but a… More

My Pioneer Cookbook Adventure: Good Housekeeping 1903 ~ Boston Brown Bread

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My Pioneer Cookbook Adventure: 1903 Good Housekeeping ~ Snowballs (… and a failure)

I’ve had my first failure in my pioneer cookbook adventure. (Formerly, Throwback Thursday) I attempted two more recipes this week. One was an utter failure and one mostly worked. (Tasted wonderful, but, didn’t look quite… More