Touching Lives…The Confetti Foundation

When I first started my blog, I did a daily inspiration post each evening. On occasion, part of that series included highlighting non-profit organizations making an impact around the world an touching the lives of… More

Light the World Vending Machines Offer Chance to Give Instead of Get –

Another way to give to the less fortunate this holiday season! Light the World Vending Machines Currently, these giving vending machines are only in New York City. Hopefully, they will spread across the country! As… More

Non-Profit Organizations

A list of inspirational blogs I’ve written about amazing Non-profits Life Vest Inside– Mission is to empower and unite the world through kindness The Footpath of Life Mission of “Footpath of Life.”  Is to build a… More

The Wellness Mindset~ Social Wellness: 40 Gifts that give back 2019

TOUCHING LIVES: My annual list of gifts that give back to those in need.

Touching Lives: The Science of Kindness

As a wellness educator, I teach people that all areas of wellness affect our health. It isn’t just about the health of our physical body. It isn’t just about nutrition. It isn’t just about exercise. It’s… More

Why is stress management so important? U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High – The New York Times

The fact that the suicide rate has surged to a 30 year high, only underscores the importance of proper stress relief techniques.

The Wellness Mindset ~ Social Wellness: How you can help Australia…where to donate!

  We have all watched the news stories and seen videos and photos of the wild fires that are devastating Australia right now. We sit back and feel helpless as homes burn, peoples lives are… More