The Wellness Mindset: A Guide to the 6 Dimensions of Holistic Wellness

Up until now, I’ve discussed 4 of the 6 dimensions of wellness. I was going to post the next dimension today, which is social wellness. However, it’s been quite awhile since I posted the original… More

Wellness Wednesday: How to Do an Elimination Diet and Why

Are you depressed? having trouble sleeping? tired? achey? constipated? chronic headaches? eczema? Are you taking medication for acid reflux? It could be something you’re eating. You may want to try an elimination diet, to identify… More

Wellness Wednesday: All About Cassava Flour (with 5 recipes)

I have found, what just might be, the perfect gluten free flour… CASSAVA FLOUR! That may sound like an exaggeration, and maybe it is a bit. HOWEVER,  being gluten free for more than 8 years,… More

Wellness Wednesday: Five High Fiber Desserts

When we talk of boosting your fiber intake, many people think of beans, whole grains, veggies or salad. While that is true, these are all good sources of fiber, it doesn’t have to be all… More