Take a Power Nap!

Did you know that napping is one thing many of the centenarians (100+ year olds) on the planet have in common? That’s right! The people at bluezones.com interviewed hundreds of 100+ year olds to find out their secrets. It turns out that “down shifting” everyday is one of 9 aspects to longevity, (the Power 9) as discovered by bluezones.com. Different people from various countries do different things to down shift and among these is napping!

“Keep your snooze to 20 minutes: More than that and your brain heads off into deeper sleep stages known as REM, which will leave you feeling groggy and out of sorts when you wake up.” ~ fatherly.com

7 thoughts on “Take a Power Nap!

  1. It’s very nice topic. Everyday in the afternoon while working on net I am taking 10 minutes napping automatically. Couldn’t know how it come instantly and getting fresh within fraction of minutes. In the afternoon my mobile have been fallen and I suddenly get up.

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