For my dad- a Musical tribute

Born the oldest of 5 children, my dad was the son of a fabulous electrician/plumber and a wonderful, loving and kind mother. My Dad grew up in South Dakota and Minnesota. He graduated as the class salutatorian from high school, before venturing out into the world. His travels took him to California for a short time, before heading back to Frederick, SD to help my grandfather run the electrician business.

My boys and my parents (circa – 2004) in Stratford-upon-Avon in front of Shakespeare’s birthplace
My boys and my parents in Stratford-upon-Avon-in front of Shakespeare’s birthplace

My Dad is a self-made man, having done so without a college degree. (That’s not easy to do!) He worked construction, building houses, before getting a job building motels for a major motel chain. He worked his way up in this major company, and eventually became the president of the construction side of the business. My Dad’s job with the motel company took him all over the country, as he supervised the building of various hotels. As a result, he was gone much of the time as I grew up. I am a very emotional person, and what I remember most are the times he was at my side, after my frequent emotional breakdowns. I remember his hugs and kind words as he brought comfort to my uneasy mind.

My parents in 2015
My parents (2015)

My Dad is a wonderful, skilled carpenter and wood craftsman. He designed and helped build the home in which I grew up. He spent many, many hours creating the hand crafted paneling, cabinets and built in book cases around the home. He’s also created many lovely hand crafted gifts for our family, including wonderful solid oak dressers for my sister and I. He put his talents for carpentry and wood working to good use after he left the hotel business and began his own home building construction company, where he both designed and helped build homes around my hometown of Aberdeen, SD.

With my youngest son in 2019

I want to thank my Dad for everything he did for me over the years. I grew up in a wonderful home and always had everything I ever needed, including my education. I was able to graduate from college thanks to my father’s generosity and encouragement to continue, when times were tough.

My father inspires me with his hard work and dedication. His kind and loving nature touches everyone he meets. He would do anything for anyone. I hope he knows how much his love, kindness and many hugs meant to me over the years. I shed many tears during my childhood and teen years and my Dad was there for many of them. I hope he knows that’s something I’ll never forget. He gave me strength during some of my darkest times. Thank you.

As a thank you, I’ve searched for some “father daughter” songs and found 5 I thought suitable as a dedication to my wonderful father. Thank you, Dad, for everything. I know we’ve had problems in recent years, but know that you were always in my thoughts. I love you…always.

Father and Daughter-Paul Simon
Thank you for being my Dad
In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride
Daddy Dance With ME – Krystal Keith
Daddy’s Girl

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