The Purple Almond Hall of Fame – Artpsycho

My other blog, The Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen, has been nominated for an AWESOME BLOGGER AWARD! This is great! Thank you so much to my nominator Jyotsna at Artpsycho!

Look for my AWESOME BLOGGER award reply on The Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen later today.

Right now, as is my custom, I am entering Jyotsna, as well as her fellow bloggers, Anriel, and Devashree, along with their website, into my award hall of fame, The Purple Almond Hall of Fame. The hall of fame was established as a way of honoring those bloggers who wish to bless The Purple Almond with a blogger award. If this blog is nominated for an award, the nominating blog will have their blog permanently placed on my Hall of Fame page, along with a link to that blog, and an article dedicated to that blog.


The blog Artpsycho was established jointly by Anriel, Devashree and Jyotsna, who came together with a common goal: inspire creativity and ideas.

A quote from her about page says:

We wish to share our ideas and inspire creativity in different forms of art. We are storytellers in our own sense and we love to create content for the fiction world in form of book reviews and non-fiction realistic pieces on life, travel, food and more and wish to showcase the same, that we enjoy doing in our daily lives.

 Check out some of their articles

  • Travel articles – They have a series of journal blog entries, highlighting different travels to art festivals, tours and the like.
  • Book reviews – There are several book reviews. You can find everything from Moby Dick and The Little Match Girl, to The Paper Dress and The Last Leaf
  • Arts and Crafts – This is probably my favorite part of their site, as I love to make crafts but rarely take the time. Here are links to a few of their arts and craft projects

Closing thoughts

I am so blessed. Deciding to start a blog several years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It introduced me to a whole new world, quite literally! Through blogging, you “meet” people from all over the world, who quickly become your friends and part of your blogging family.

Thank you to Jyotsna for nominating The Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen for the AWESOME BLOGGER! My new little recipe blog continues to grow. It’s slow to grow, but steady to get new followers. I forgot how much fun it was as a beginning blogger. The challenges and excitement that come from each new award and goal met is so much fun.

To read the original award article, follow this link: The Awesome Blogger Award by

Until next time… Namaste my friends


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