How to make your own hand sanitizer

With the corona virus causing stores to run out of hand sanitizers, people are starting to make their own. The recipe calls for only 3 ingredients, and it’s oh so easy!


UPDATE: I just went to 3 different stores in an effort to find the ingredients for this sanitizer. Unfortunately it was impossible. It’s likely you will be unable to find rubbing alcohol or aloe gel (in a bottle).

Here are some alternatives to the rubbing alcohol

  • Witch hazel – this substance is an antiseptic with antimicrobial properties. A couple stores I went to had limited amounts of this available. My research indicates it will help kill microbes, but no site would guarantee it would kill all microbes.
  • Any drinking alcohol that is at least 100 proof, which is appx. 50% alcohol, but preferably higher. You want to try and find something as strong as rubbing alcohol, which ranges from 70 – 99% alcohol. Basically, the higher the alcohol/proof the better. Here are a few brands with the highest proof/alcohol %
    • Spirytus Vodka – 192 proof – 96% alcohol
    • Everclear – 190 proof – 95% alcohol
    • Sunset rum – 168 proof – 84% alcohol
    • Devil Springs Vodka – 160 proof – 80% alcohol
    • Bacardi 151 – 151 proof – 75% alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide – Every store I visited had hydrogen peroxide available.

If you can’t find bottled aloe gel, harvest your own from aloe leaves, which can be purchased in most large chain grocers.

You could also use Aloe Vera Juice instead of gel. The end result wouldn’t have the gel consistency of normal sanitizers, but would still work. I’d recommend putting this version in a spray bottle.

Here’s another link to a video from Fox News

How to make your own hand sanitizer

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