Middle-Age Memoirs : Beautiful things happen…

Back when I first started this blog, roughly 3 years ago, I spent a good portion of my time posting inspirational articles. In fact, I had a “daily inspiration” post that was quite popular. I have gotten away from that. After my graduation, I’ve spent most of my time posting about brain health, stress, and areas of middle-age wellness, such as heart disease and menopause. I seem to have forgotten that inspiration is a huge aspect of social, spiritual and emotional wellness.

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So, today, I decided to post an inspirational video about keeping a distance from negative situations and people. This is a question that has become a huge aspect of my life recently. I won’t divulge specific details of this very personal part of my life. Needless to say, I recently made a decision that affected me in a very drastic and unexpected way.

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There has been some unspoken animosity between myself and certain people in my life. For many years we all pretended things were fine. But they weren’t fine. We all walked on egg shells around each other. This tension and negative energy caused me to devolve into a version of myself I didn’t know and hated. These anxious moments made me uncomfortable in my own skin and it had to stop.

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I explained my thoughts and feelings to them through 2 different letters and left the door open for them. I am still hoping we can work things out. Currently, I am waiting for them to reply to my last letter I sent 6 months ago. So far they haven’t replied to me. Honestly, this was completely unexpected. I really thought we could work things out. Maybe we still can. I can only hope. So, only time will tell.

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This is my personal story and the reason I chose today’s video. The video below is an inspirational speech about releasing people from your life. It touches on “toxic people”. I don’t like that phrase at all. I don’t believe any person is “toxic”. Situations are toxic, NOT people. That is how this current situation is for me. In order to raise myself up, that toxic environment needs to change. That means fixing the relationship, which takes work from everyone involved. Everyone has to want it.

Despite the use of the phrase “toxic people”, this video is great. The video inspires you to take your focus off negative people or situations and focus on positive, life changing dreams and goals. Sometimes, to focus on the positive situations, you need to distance yourself from negative situations.

Here is the video:

“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.”

Closing thoughts

It is my hope that I can turn my negative situation into a positive situation. I’m hoping they can BECOME part of my dreams and goals, instead of watching from a distance.

I hope they know how much I love and miss having them in my life. I think of them everyday. I hope they know that my door is always open to them.

Until next time…Namaste my friends


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