Wistful Words…I’d rather be honest than impressive. ~ Unknown

I used to do yoga daily, then I got off track. For many, many, many months, I lost myself, and let my fitness routine fall by the wayside. My body stiffened and became inflexible. I forgot many of the poses. (Yes, it was that long). I was also doing yin yoga everyday to help with my insomnia. Now that my insomnia is under control, I’ve even stopped that.

So, as part of a new commitment to reinvent myself, I decided to do a 3 week yoga retreat on beachbodyondemand.com. The three week course teaches people new to yoga, beginning with the basics during week one and expanding during week two.

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I began my second week yesterday. Today, I had a bit of an awakening. The instructor was discussing the importance of establishing a solid base in a pose, before trying to move on to an “impressive” or advanced pose. She reiterated over and over during the session the importance of balance, and establishing a solid base, instead of trying to do advanced moves.

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You didn’t learn to walk or ride a bike the first time you tried. It took patience and practice. It took trying again and again. Then she said

“I’d rather be honest than impressive”.

In other words, it’s better to do an expertly done beginner pose than a poorly done expert pose. Once you have the beginning poses perfected, you can gradually move on to more difficult poses.

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Then I got to thinking how much that quote applies to life. Isn’t that how we are…on social media, or out in public? We try to portray this impressive life, by putting up the glamorous front on social media, all the while letting things slide behind the scenes.

So that will be my new reminder…

I’d rather be honest than impressive

A reminder to establish a solid base, to get things together and become an expert at life’s basics. Maybe those basics become impressive when I finally realize how much better I’ve made my life as a result.

Until next time…Namaste my friends.


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