Middle-Age Wisdom Recipes: 10 Protein Packed Recipes to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Here is my latest post from my recipe site: The Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen. This article, inspired by Ernestine Shepherd’s high protein diet, is a list of 10 healthy, high protein recipes. I hope you enjoy!

The Purple Almond Wellness Kitchen

You’re trying to eat healthy, and build some all important muscle. You’re tired of plain grilled chicken or salmon, which makes it difficult to stay on a healthy meal plan. Today, I searched the internet for some healthy, yet tasty main meals to inspire your meal planning adventures.

On Tuesday, I published the first article in my new series titled “Middle-age Wisdom“. The highlight of the article was Ernestine Shepherd. At the age of 83 years, this wonderful and inspiring woman is the current record holder for the oldest female body builder. Her diet low carb, low fat, but high protein, which inspired today’s recipes list! I hope you enjoy!

Lemon-Thyme Roast Chicken

Muscle and Strength

Low Carb Chicken Carbonara

Muscle and Strength

Chicken Carbonara Recipe
photo source

Quick and Spicy Cajun Salmon with Garlicky Veg

My Protein

Teriyaki Beef Zoodles

My Protein

photo source

Spinach Tomato…

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