Middle-Age Wisdom: Health Secrets from World’s Oldest Female Body Builder

There are two quotes that keep me going as I age, as my kids get older, and as the days fly by on the calendar:

“You’re never too old for anything.”

~ Betty White 


“You’re daily choices determine how your future will unfold.”

~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

Both these women are 80 years old. Your daily choices determine how your future will unfold.

This photo really hit home with me, the first time I saw it, and the importance of healthy living ALL your life. The comparison of these two women, both 80 years old at the time of the photos, is like night and day. I was floored by the huge difference in their health.

The woman on the left is  83 year old Ernestine Shepherd, the reigning Guinness World Record Holder for the oldest female body builder.

Here is “The Remarkable Story of Ernestine’s Shepherd”:


Like many others, I’m inspired by Ernestine. What really encourages me is the fact that she didn’t start exercising and body building until she was 56 years old. She is a walking example of what can be accomplished, even during the middle-age and elderly years, if determination, dedication and discipline are in the picture.

Ernestine is the reason I decided to focus my wellness education on middle-age individuals, and the motivation behind this new monthly series “Middle-age Wisdom”. The two quotes from the beginning of the article: “You’re never too old for anything” AND “Your daily choices determine how your future will unfold.” are the foundation for this new series, which will focus on making the right choices NOW, so you’ll be healthy to enjoy your golden years.

Ernestine emphasizes the 3 “D’s”. She says if you’re “Determined, Dedicated and Disciplined” you cannot fail. If you’d like to learn more about her life, exercise routine and diet, you can read her book: “DETERMINED, DEDICATED AND DISCIPLINED TO BE FIT” .

Ernestine, like most body builders, has a very strict routine. She wakes up at 2:30 every morning, and prays. Then she eats 10 egg whites, some walnuts, and 16 ounces of water. She runs 80 miles a week. Her diet, which is 1700 calories per day, is high protein, low carb, low fat. It consists  mainly of boiled eggs, chicken whites, vegetables, liquid egg white drink and much more. She also consumes a glass of raw egg whites three times a day. This is what works for her. What does she recommend?

Here are a few health tips from her book:

  • Go for walks
  • Lift weights to build muscle and keep the body “tight”. Her book highlights 20 of her favorite weight lifting exercises
  • Drink water – aids digestion, circulation, and nutrient absorption to name just a few benefits
  • Get rid of junk food and replace it with lean protein, yams and potatoes
  • Watch your bread intake because “Carbs can weigh you down”
  • Keep a food journal – keeps you honest, and helps identify bad habits
  • Pray or meditate everyday. You can’t do it alone
  • Work up to 45 minutes of your favorite cardio. Ernestine does this 6 days a week.
  • Do weekly meal preparation for greater success – her book includes 5 sample meals to give you inspiration

Closing thoughts…

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Middle-age Wisdom, which will be posted the fourth Tuesday of every month. In this series we will discuss all the maladies and diseases that plague us as we approach the middle-age years and beyond. We’ll discuss the causes and the life style choices that can combat and prevent these diseases.

Ernestine is an inspiration to everyone. She is a reminder that it’s not too late to start your journey to better health. Remember your daily choices will determine your future. The right choices will make you the picture of health. Which picture do you want for your golden years?

Until next time…namaste my friends

Tamara Hoerner

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