Middle-Age Memoirs : Welcome to my new monthly journal!

Don’t worry, I haven’t given up my quest for health or weight loss. I am just changing the journal away from the single topic of weight-loss and more toward the life experiences of a middle-age wellness enthusiast.  This is a journal I will be able to continue indefinitely, well beyond my 50th birthday.

My journey toward fitness by my 50th birthday has been a very bumpy one to say the least. As time continued, it has become very clear that I won’t come remotely close to achieving my goal by my birthday. I know that wellness can’t happen over a matter of weeks, or months, but is an ongoing, life-long journey.  That’s why I decided to start this new journal.

6 dimensions of holistic wellness

This journal will cover all aspects of my wellness journey, all six. My goal will be to establish a new wellness-plan. I will re-evaluate where I stand in all 6 areas of wellness. and then develop a plan to improve each area. My ultimate goal will be the same, to reach my dream, goal weight.  That said, it has become clear, in order to do that, I need to address each area of wellness.

I’m not giving up my journey, I simply decided to take a different route.

Over the past few months, I’ve become very frustrated and disillusioned. I feel as though I’m treading water, and barely keeping my head above water. I take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Because my progress has been so minimal, simply the act of writing the “Fit by 50” journal became a source of stress. What was I suppose to tell you guys if I didn’t lose any weight or even gained weight? That’s why I decided to change course on the journal.

Closing thoughts

Here is where I’ll come to vent about my failures, or tout my success. I’ll write about my adventures with food and cooking. Here is where I’ll reveal the good, the bad and the ugly about my journey toward wellness. Here you’ll get nothing but all out honesty. Overall, this will be my online diary. Instead of a SOURCE of stress, this journal will help me RELIEVE stress.

What would you like to see me write here each month? Let me know your thoughts! Love you all! Stay tuned!

Until next time…Namaste my friends


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