15 Pioneer Recipes That Survived The Oregon Trail

Just think about riding in a covered wagon across the United States. Weeks upon weeks of travel in all sorts of terrain and weather conditions. The early settlers were a hardy and brave group of people. 

One route traveled was the Oregon Trail. This was a 2,170 mile wheeled wagon route which connected the Missouri River with Oregon. The trail crossed the current states of Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon.

My Oregon Trail Adventure - J. Dawg Journeys

The route was first laid out by fur traders beginning in 1811. The first wagon trains filled with emigrants set out in 1836 from Independence, Missouri. 

That begs the question…what type of food or recipes did these adventurous groups of people prepare along the way? I found a wonderful article from homesteading.com which lists 15 recipes that survived the Oregon Trail. 

Here are a few of those recipes:

Potato Cakes

Johnny Cakes

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 11.06.42 AM

Molasses Stack Cake

Side Pork And Mormon Gravy

Chocolate Caramels

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 11.10.55 AM

 Butterless, Eggless, Milkless Cake

Swiss Apple Cherry Pie

Check these pioneer recipes handed down from generation to generation and from one continent to the other–a gifts from our forefathers!

For the complete list along with the recipes, follow this link:

15 Pioneer Recipes That Survived The Oregon Trail

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