The Wellness Mindset ~ Emotional Wellness: Emotional Release Technique & Super Brain Yoga


(Scroll to the bottom for today’s video)

6 dimensions of holistic wellness.png

Last week, we began discussing the 6 dimensions of holistic wellness. Starting today, we’ll focus on one of the dimensions each week. Each time I write a post you’ll see a badge, such as the one below, which indicates which dimension is covered in that article. All of this week’s videos will focus on how to improve your emotional wellness.

emotional wellness (2).png

What is emotional wellness?

 The ability to cope, manage and experience feelings appropriately; positive and optimistic attitude about life; high self-esteem; balanced emotions; recognize and cope with life issues; (EXAMPLES: POSITIVE ATTITUDE, SET PRIORITIES; SEEKING SUPPORT; LEARNING FROM MISTAKES)


We have two videos.

(Because they’re both great and

I couldn’t decide which one!😜

PLUS…they both go together! )


Learn how to release negative emotions that cause health issues in the body and feel better right away!


A fun technique you can do anytime you need creative ideas, energy, before a speech, or when you have anxiety!

Until next time…Namaste my friends


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