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Ariella Nyssa…

I came across a news story about Ariella this morning and knew I had to share her story with all of you, as it fits right in with our discussion on emotional wellness and positive attitude.

We all know the images of perfection that are splattered across magazine covers, featuring gorgeous models with seemingly perfect hair, skin and bodies. Though we all know these images are air brushed, we still hold them as the ideal body type and strive to meet those impossible standards. Ariella Nyssa is trying to smash those impossible images and help women (and men) learn to love themselves.

Ariella Nyssa is an instagram swimsuit model and part of the body positivity movement happening across social media right now. In 2017, after receiving encouragement from her boyfriend, Ariella entered a swimsuit modeling competition and won, with 2 other girls. Since then, it has become her passion to share with the world that THIS is what a normal woman’s body looks like.

But despite her best intentions, Ariella experiences cyber-bullying on a regular basis. Ariella, and other social media influencers like her, receive daily insults for showing off their normal bodies.

‘ I feel sorry for the bullies. I think that they must be going through something horrible to be able to leave hate comments on someone else’s photos’ ~ Ariella Nyssa

Ariella once struggled with self-image and acceptance. She went on a crash diet and spent hours in the gym, trying to reach those impossible levels of perfection. It was only in the last few years that she began to realize that all parts of her were beautiful, even her “cellulite, fat and rolls.”

Have a look at Ariella’s Instagram Account:

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I get hurtful comments all the time about the back of me. “Your cellulite is disgusting”, “your ass is too fat”, “you look unhealthy and lazy”. Comments I’ve seen way too often. I used to get upset about these comments. I used to let them dictate how I felt about my own body. My confidence shrivelling up as I scrolled. But I’ve realised now that cellulite? Stretch marks? Fat? ITS NOT UGLY. In fact it’s natural. It’s real. It’s WOMEN. So many girls I know have cellulite or marks and it makes me so sad to know that majority of us are ashamed of them! There needs to be a new trend that takes over social media! One that normalises cellulite so us girls can learn to LOVE it! There’s nothing wrong with your body. There’s nothing wrong with your cellulite. It is here and here to stay! So get used to it ✌🏻

A post shared by Ariella Nyssa (@ariellanyssa) on

‘It’s about time we all learnt to love ourselves at every stage of our lives. Don’t let the number on the scales define you.’ ~  Ariella Nyssa

Here’s a bit more about Ariella’s story on ‘The Project’ in Australia

Closing thoughts

I love the message that Ariella and other body positivity influencers are sending society right now. We all struggle with self-love and acceptance. If we don’t accept and love ourselves, we can’t expect other people to accept us either.

Self-doubt creeps into our psyche and infects every dimension of wellness. We let this doubt control every aspect of our lives, even down to how we treat other people. This is evidenced by the cyber bullies who troll Ariella and people like her.

” Doubt is a virus that attacks our self-esteem, productivity, and confidence. Faith that you and your life are perfectly unfolding is the strongest vaccine.” ~ Dr. Sean Stephenson

Our energy, negative or positive, emanates from our pores, so to speak. Others can sense whether we are confident and happy or insecure and full of self-doubt. We teach other people how to treat us through our attitude.

Ariella proves that beauty isn’t just skin deep, it’s in the attitude. She exemplifies emotional wellness and the importance of a positive attitude. Thank you Ariella for your courage and bravery.

Until next time…namaste my friends.


FEATURED IMAGE SOURCE: https://www.instagram.com/ariellanyssa/

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