Fit by 50 – Week 28: 1.8 pound Weight loss …but sleep suffers

My weight loss this week was 1.8 pounds, however, I didn’t do any other measurements because, quite frankly, I’m exhausted. I’m currently suffering from a severe case of insomnia, made worse by a lingering cough from a recent cold. I’ll make sure and do my measurements next week, because they are what’s keeping me going.

As far as sleep goes, I finally fell asleep for a couple of hours around 4 a.m., and woke up wide awake, as if I’d had a full night”s sleep. So, I decided to do some homework, got drowsy around 11:00 and woke up just prior to writing this. Needless to say, my schedule is completely off and getting worse by the day.


Quotes about Insomnia

I did do a small amount of research into insomnia, and discovered that people new to keto can suffer insomnia. Initially, I thought that was the explanation. But, since my body has now fully adjusted, I no longer agree with that hypothesis. Any other research I’ve done was for tips on curing insomnia, which I’ve been sharing with you this week. Once I’m better rested, I’ll dive deeper into the cause, for now, I’ll implement some of the tips I’ve found.

Over the next week, I’ll be setting up a strict bedtime routine, as well as daily yoga and meditation. I’ll be implementing many of the tips I’ve shared with you this week.

Closing thoughts

I’ve had trouble falling asleep in the past, but I’ve never had full blown insomnia. Something must be done, I can’t continue like this. My homework and household are suffering from my backward schedule. Hopefully, things will get better this week, I’ll let you know.

Until next time…Namaste my friends


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