The Dalai Lama’s Guide to Happiness

Since we are celebrating laughter this week, I thought I would repost this article with tips from the Dalai Lama on how to be happy, as a fitting way to end the week. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Original Article

First, I’d like to apologize for the lateness of this post. I had a lot going on today and yesterday, preventing me from sitting down and devoting time to my blog, as I do every Sunday and Monday. Instead of skipping this week all together, I wanted to post a quick motivation piece and who better to inspire than His Holiness, The Dalai Lama.

I absolutely LOVE listening to him speak. He is a very humble human being, describing himself as a simple monk, just one of 7 billion humans on the planet. His laughter and happiness is contagious. What is the secret to his happiness? We can learn a lot from this humble, wise, and simple monk.

“I describe happiness in a sense of more satisfaction. Happiness is not necessarily some pleasure experience, but a neutral experience that can bring deep satisfaction.”

~ The Dalai Lama

So what does it take to be truly happy? Peace of mind. Here are a few of his wise words…

  1. Have a warm heart – This reduces the bad feelings we have toward other people. It also reduces the amount of distrust we carry with us. Be open.
  2. Don’t label yourself as “special” –  The Dalai Lama doesn’t put himself on a pedestal or label himself as anything special. He doesn’t feel better than anyone else simply because he is “The Dalai Lama” or a “Nobel Laureate”. If you do this, if you put yourself on a pedestal, you make yourself a prisoner. “I simply consider I am one of the 7 billion human beings. We are mentally, emotionally, and intellectually the same.”
  3. Satisfaction is within you – You reap what you sow…if you do negative things, you’ll get negative consequences. If you do positive things, you get positive consequences. If you make others happy, you’ll benefit from that.
  4. There’s a lot to be happy about, if you just look for it.
  5. Friendship is essential – We have been taught to fear everyone and everything, which interferes with our nature as social animals. With friendship comes trust. Fear and trust contradict each other. If you fear you cannot trust, and cannot develop friendship.
  6. Loneliness is a mental attitude – You can be surrounded by an entire city of people and still feel lonely. A self-centered attitude, no sense of love, too much competition, too much jealousy, all leads back to distrust, which brings frustration and fear. This creates an automatic sense of loneliness.
  7. Pledge to yourself to become a new person


This video contains profound language and unexpected fart jokes that may cause excessive laughter and wisdom.

Closing thoughts:

I hope these wonderful words of wisdom, from this simple, wise and very happy monk resonate with you and make you happy. Our world needs happy people. Are you happy?

Until next time…Namaste my friends.


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