Fit by 50 – Week 30: 8-1/2 pounds & 8 inches lost in 2-1/2 weeks on the Keto Diet!

This is going to be a really quick one. I’m way behind today, but still wanted to post highlighting my success over the past 2 1/2 weeks.

Here’s what’s been happening…. I got desperate!! It seems like all I have to do is look at food and I gain weight. I was a complete failure over Christmas. Between December 7 and December 31 I gained 10 pounds!!!!!!! It was awful. When I stepped on scale I almost fainted. What in the world was going on?!! I didn’t track food, or follow any specific meal plan. but I did manage to eat a decent amount of veggies, and worked out 2 or 3 times a week. But, it wasn’t enough. I was on “vacation” and allowed myself some treats, as well as soda. BIG MISTAKE! BIG! HUGE! Well, something had to be done…

Weigh in day!.jpg

So, with things in such dire straights, I had to do something drastic. On Monday December 31, I began a 3 day bone broth/low carb smoothie fast. During that time, I lost 6.2 pounds. I wasn’t keto at that time, but definitely low carb. Then, on Thursday, January 3 I officially began the keto diet. Since starting keto, I lost 2.4 pounds But, there’s more!

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know that simply weighing every week isn’t enough, and doesn’t tell you the whole story. At the beginning of the fast, and each week since, along with weighing myself, I also measure everything, from neck to ankle. Here are my totals as of this morning:

  • pounds lost – 8.6
  • inches lost – 8.25 (including 2.75 around my waist.)
  • fat lost – 10.99 pounds
  • lean tissue gain – 2.39 pounds
  • Body fat % loss –  4.19%

The weight loss has slowed considerably from the first week. I’ve done my research on the keto diet and knew, going in, that it can take up to 6 weeks to really start losing weight. Dr. Berg cautions to make sure and take waist measurements at minimum each week, because you may not see the pounds come off at first. The fat is coming off, it’s just being replaced with lean tissue.  Here’s my progress from week to week

  • beginning of bone broth fast – Week 1 – (10 days)
    • pounds lost – 8.2
    • inches lost – 5.5
    • fat lost – 8.77 pounds
    • lean tissue gain – .57 pounds
    • Body fat % loss – 3.05%
  • Week 1 – week 2
    • pounds lost – 0.4
    • inches lost – 2.75
    • fat lost – 2.22 pounds
    • lean tissue gain – 1.82 pounds
    • Body fat % loss – 1.14

So, as you can see above,  the pounds lost between weeks 1 & 2 was just under 1/2 pound. If I hadn’t measured everything, I’d be down trodden and ready to quit. But, because I measure each week, I know I actually lost 2.22 pounds of fat over the past week. The reason the scale only showed 0.4 pound loss was due to the 1.82 pounds of lean tissue I gained. The scale doesn’t tell you that! I can be excited because I know that I also lost 2 3/4 inches around my body and 1.14 % of body fat.

Closing thoughts

So, there you have it, some success. I am cautiously optimistic. However, I’ve gotten excited before…so I’ll just keep plugging away and keep doing what I’m doing. I feel amazing on this diet! I don’t need migraine medicine or caffeine each morning. I have more energy than I’ve had in years. I won’t change a thing!

Because fat being replaced with lean tissue is such a big part of the process, I’ve decided to focus on losing body fat % points instead of pounds, and have set a goal of 23% body fat.I’m not quite read to tell you how far I am from that, maybe later… (It’s scary telling people things like that) After all, as long as I fit into that little black dress, does it really matter what the scale says?

Until next time…Namaste my friends


9 thoughts on “Fit by 50 – Week 30: 8-1/2 pounds & 8 inches lost in 2-1/2 weeks on the Keto Diet!

    1. Thank you. I am cautiously optimistic. This has been such a frustrating journey so far, since I began in July. I had hopes of being halfway to my goal by now. 😔 I’ve learned just how incredibly difficult it is for women like me to lose weight. I’ve was able to lose weight before in my life. I know much more now than I did then, yet nothing is working, at least not until keto. I hope this trend continues. Thank u so much for sticking by me. I appreciate your support. Namaste 🙏 my friend.

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  1. Tamara,
    My weight goes up looking at food too. The keto works and I follow Dr. Berg too- I like the way he uses a board to explain stuff.
    For me the OMAD works and if that is too difficult, I use a 4 hour window to eat all the food I can eat, which it turns out is not much.
    I am nearly 50 and weight loss is so much more difficult or so they say, but the OMAD or IF does work.
    Congratulations on marvellous work done.

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    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I’m not at OMAD yet, but recently went to 2 meals and sometimes a small snack. I’ve been on IF for about 6 months, but was doing 16/8 with 3 meals. Now I’m at 2 meals, and don’t miss anything. Thank s again. 🙏😊👍

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      1. Tamara,
        For me only the OMAD works. I guess I have a slow metabolism, a greedy mouth and the age working against me. With OMAD and the small eating window of 4 hours, there is only so much I can put in.

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      2. I dropped 5 kilos in a month( December). The funny thing is after a while, you don’t miss food at all. I needed to lose weight urgently to attend a family function. I was planning to lose 10 kgs but that didn’t happen; turned out, even the 5 kilos were good enough for people to note a difference.


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