Clean vs. Dirty Keto [Must-Read for Keto Followers] | Healthy with Stefan

Since starting the Keto diet about 10 days ago, I’ve done a lot of reading and research, as well as scrolling through Instagram posts, looking at photos of people’s keto meals. I’ve discovered two distinct sides of the keto diet….CLEAN KETO AND DIRTY KETO. What’s the difference? A picture they say, is worth a thousand words, so, I’ll show you a photo highlighting the difference. Dirty keto is on the left and clean keto is on the right. HUGE difference, right?


Clean eating keto dieters focus on healthy fats, grass-fed/pasture raised/wild protein and LOTS of organic veggies. It looks a little like this pyramid below:


On the other hand, people who eat a dirty keto diet continue to eat an unhealthy, processed standard American diet, except they leave out the carbs. They load their plates with bun-less fast food burgers, processed low carb tortillas, processed cheese and pork rinds (a popular breading substitute).

Today, however, I decided to post this article by Dr. Robert Silverman on the difference between dirty and clean keto. He touches on the very important topic of gut health and how dirty keto can lead to leaky gut syndrome. You also increase inflammation in the body, as well as create cognitive defects, both things you’re trying to correct with a keto diet. Dirty keto can also cause fatty liver disease, as seen in the video below, by Dr. Berg.

While both forms of keto help you lose weight, at the end of the day, clean keto helps you not only lose weight, but also heal your body on the inside. That will leave you, not only thinner, but healthier from the inside out. Remember, an overweight body is a symptom of an underlying illness, NOT a root cause. If you only lose weight, without healing the root cause, you’ll simply gain the weight back.

Until next time….Namaste my friends ~ Tamara

By Dr. Robert Silverman |  Chiropractic & Clinical Nutrition. The ketogenic diet has helped countless people who have Continue Reading


Clean vs. Dirty Keto [Must-Read for Keto Followers] | Healthy with Stefan

15 thoughts on “Clean vs. Dirty Keto [Must-Read for Keto Followers] | Healthy with Stefan

  1. Happy New Year Tamara, and thanks for sharing the Keto Pyramid. I took a visual snapshot of it to use on my next visit to the grocery store. It strikes me that I’ll have to do much more reading of labels. Some of the listing specifics are foreign to me. It’s my hope as more of this type of information is circulated, more grocery stores will offer even more product varieties for healthy lifestyle dieters!

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    1. I’m glad you found the pyramid helpful. Yes, reading labels is vitally important. I try to stick to whole food, which greatly diminishes the need to read labels. When reading labels, look for items without any form of sugar (ends in -ose such as fructose, or dextrose) Also, the fewer ingredients the better and if it reads like a chemistry experiment, leave it alone. Hank you for your continued support. Namaste 🙏 my friend.

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  2. Hi Tamara very helpful post, thank you. I’m new to Keto (and blogging) and the difference between clean and dirty keto is definitely a point of confusion. Is it ok for me to share some of your info with a link to your post? Thanks again. Namaste. Mel

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